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Manifesting in the Akashic Records - October 23rd & 24th

Work with your clients to release the past, and create their utmost ideal future in the present by identifying and releasing what is holding your clients back from manifesting the life they want to create. Learn to tap in and see all the future possibilities and probabilities that are available to them so that can make an informed decision moving forward.  

By the end of this module you will:


  • Clear the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from manifesting 
  • Learn to decipher what is true holing you back from stepping into the life you are wanting to create 
  • Look at all the triggers and what lifetime they originated from so that they can be released. 
  • Identify any outstanding vows of poverty, celibacy or any agreements that you made with yourself in the past that is preventing you from living in prosperity now. 
  • Learn to call forth into every opportunity that is available to you so that you can make an informed decision if it’s the right thing for you. 
  • Feel into every opportunity to see if its in alignment with your passion and your purpose? 

Akashic Foundations is the prerequisite to this course. Get ready to create the life you truly desire.