Reiki Master Bundle

$850 CAD + GST

Congratulations! Your ready to step into master level. This is truly going to elevate your life in so many positive ways!

Now is the time for you to take the healing Light of Reiki out into the world - not only as a healer, but by raining new healers and setting them up for success. 

What you'll get:

  • Accelerate healing for yourself and others.
  • Remove internal blocks that keep you from the life you want. 
  • Help others with reiki energy.
  • Learn to use Reiki to heal the past and manifest into the future.
  • Tap into your own intuition and develop your psychic abilities. 
  •  learn to use Reiki to heal the past and manifest the future, tap into your intuition and develop your psychic abilities.
  • Learn the fine art of teaching. Share knowledge, give attunements, help the human race and others expand to the next level. 

Account Information

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