Akashic Records Introduction
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Learn to Access Your Akashic Records

Join Natasha Mott for a Live 2 Day Akashic Records Training


I'm Ready to Access My Akashic Records

Join Natasha Mott for a Live Introduction Training of Akashic Records Hosted on Zoom

Saturday, April 17 & Sunday, April 18, 2021 

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. MST
Investment: $597 CAD plus GST
This is an in-depth introduction to the Akashic Records (your soul's blueprint) and the foundation of all Akashic Records Modules.

You will receive lifetime access to the digital curriculum (videos, meditations, and PDF resources) to help you practice after the training. Plenty of theory and plenty of practice in this potent training.

You will learn how to:
  • Access your soul's blueprint to get to know who you are in this world and why you are here!
  • Access your Akashic Records to learn how to make informed decisions based on your soul's blueprint.
  • Safely open and close your records to get the most accurate information.
  • Master the dimensions as you learn more about your multidimensional self.
  • Identify important figures in the Akashic Records to know who to connect with and when.
  • Identify contracts, deals, and agreements that you have made that are no longer in alignment with your soul.
  • And more...
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What past participants are saying:


 This course was truly amazing and life-changing! I was able to get the answers I was missing and clarity as to why there are certain patterns in my life! Once I had the answers I was able to put things into place and the healing could truly begin and also I was able to let go of what was not mine to carry! I recommend this course to anyone that is trying to connect the dots in their life! I am so very grateful Natasha, thank you so much!”

- Angie Parke

"This was the most exciting training course I’ve ever taken! What an amazing experience! I really enjoy live training with Natasha Mott, and how everyone’s experiences are so different and beautiful and mind blowing. Loved it!! I highly recommend checking this Intro training of the Akashic with Natasha!!"


- Teri-Lee Merner

“Natasha is a gifted and authentic metaphysical practitioner and teacher, working with a level of integrity I have rarely seen. As her student, I find her courses are interesting, methodical and structured in a way which facilitates learning. She provides her students the support and encouragement we need to develop our own skills, and I am really looking forward to seeing what she offers next. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, mentor and practitioner.”

- Jodi Forsythe

About Your Teacher

Natasha Mott

Natasha has worked with hundreds of clients to help them make informed decisions in their lives, their relationships, their businesses and their health. By helping her students align their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, Natasha helps them move forward and live their purpose.

Natasha is the Founder of Raising the Vibes Metaphysical Academy, an online spiritual learning center that empowers people to develop their existing spiritual abilities.