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Join The Conscious Academy Development Membership's Exclusive Complimentary 3 Day Workshop!


Jan 19th, 20th and 21st @ 7:30pm GMT

If you are on a journey of self discovery and want to connect with ancient wisdom to awaken your divine energy, we have 3 transformational workshops coming up in January that will help you do just that.

These workshops will give you a taste of what it's like to be part of the Conscious Academy Development Membership community. You'll get a sense of this conscious community dedicated to awakening you to your highest potential.

Join us!

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Monthly Group Akashic Fire Clearings

First Friday of Every Month

Natasha will be doing a clearing, on whatever is keeping you stuck and stagnant. Clearings include addressing all aspects: you, your home, your work or your business.  

You do not need to attend in person for these. Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your library.

Natasha will also call forward all the opportunities available to you for that month.

A great investment to keep things moving along and opportunities coming. 

Registration: £35 GBP per month.

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Conscious Academy Development Workshop

First Sunday of Every Month: Workshop

This Month we will use Oracle cards to look at what is in store for us during the first few months of 2024!

Access your next level of potential with in-person virtual mentorship and full access to essential spiritual tools and courses. Connect with the conscious community and receive the most relevant and updated frequencies from Natasha.

Registration: £97 GBP per month

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Jan 13th: Group Akashic Ancestral Healing 

10am - 12:30pm (MDT) 5:00pm-6:30 pm (GMT) live on zoom 

This session will be focused on Health and Joy!

This healing is personalized for you, the ancestors and the soul family who answer the invitation.

A guided akashic records clearing, healing, and freeing our ancestors and ourselves of limitations to focus on our greater soul purpose while we continue to evolve and ascend. 

Each participant receives healing and a personalized channeled message live on Zoom.  

Registration: $77 CAD includes Taxes and Fees

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28th Jan: Working with the Violet Flame of St. Germain 

9:30 am - 4:30 pm MT

St. Germain is an important ascended master for all healers, light workers, and therapists who are open spiritually. Anyone who is involved in deep healing or clearing work will benefit from this course.

Those of you who have ever attended one of Natasha's sessions or meditations  will know how closely she works with St. Germain and the Violet Flame. She will be sharing some of the techniques that she has discovered in working with the Violet Flame. 

Registration: £250 GBP

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Monthly Akashic Records Blueprint Meditations

7:30pm (GMT) 12:30pm (MDT)

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Natasha will guide you through the Akashic Records and share group messages. Don't pass up this chance to realise your soul's full potential!

Each meditation's topic will be revealed on the day, as it's dependent on what we are all experiencing collectively.

Registration: £22.00 GBP includes Taxes and Fees 

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