Akashic Records

Conscious Access

Guide yourself and others through transformation and purpose by accessing the soul's blueprint.

Rewrite Your Story

Have you ever felt like your life is running on someone else's script? Or like you're an extra in your own story? This is all too common—old patterns, unconscious agreements and even past lives can impact our lives today. But there's a simple way to change this and change the story of our lives—by accessing the Akashic Records.

Uncover Your Past

Learn easy ways to access your Akashic Records and even learn about your own past lives!

Release Attachments

Get the scoop on contracts, deals and agreements, and how to clear them.

Gain Wisdom

Discover the programs you didn't even know you were running and learn how to make real, lasting change!

Akashic Records Modules

with Natasha Mott

Investment for each module: $379 CAD plus GST

Introduction: The Akashic  Power Initiation

Safely open and close your records and master clearing & soul retrieval.

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The Channelling Creatrix

Learn  to channel your guides and the Akashic records for guidance to make powerful decisions.

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Akashic Records Purpose Clarity Activation

Find out who you are, who you were and why you are here.

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Akashic Records Divine Dimensional Healing

Connect to the vitality of your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

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Activate the Akashic Records Practitioner Within

Get hands-on experience as a practitioner. Lean how to co-create radical transformation with your clients.

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Healing the Ancestral Bloodlines

Work with all types of ancestors within your Akashic Records to remove and release all inherited blocks, traumas and limitations.

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Activating the Ancestral Bloodlines

Connect to, unlock and activate the gifts of your bloodlines and activate ancient knowledge and wisdom that you already have. 

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Discover your Purpose 

Access your Akashic Records,  dissolve the obstacles, and step into your divine purpose. Claim your energetic freedom to be who you really are.

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Akashic Records Relationship Resurrection

Use the Akashic Records to clear past karma and navigate your relationships. 

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Learn to Navigate the Akashic Records like Google

Tune into the records with such ease and proficiency that it feels like doing a Google search!

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Akashic Records for Fur Babies

Learn to work with your animals and help your clients to care for their fur family with greater connection and ease.

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Manifest with Akashic Records

Access all the future possibilities that are available to your clients so they can make empowered decisions.

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Student Testimonials

“It has been both an honor and a privilege to work under the guidance and teaching of Natasha Mott. The exploration of my own lineage through a personal healing session, followed by participation in the Akashic Ancestral Healing Course was deeply profound and powerful beyond measure. These experiences have gifted me with enhanced clarity in my own spiritual journey and an understanding of how the manifestation of my lineage has shaped the essence of my very being.  This has been a most powerful release of ancestral burdens and the acceptance of gifts within my birthright. In gratitude for all that I have healed and learned from Natasha.”  ~ Heather Edelman


“Natasha is a gifted and authentic metaphysical practitioner and teacher, working with a level of integrity I have rarely seen. As her student, I find her courses are interesting, methodical and structured in a way which facilitates learning. She provides her students the support and encouragement we need to develop our own skills, and I am really looking forward to seeing what she offers next. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, mentor and practitioner.” ~ Jodi Forsythe


“This course was truly amazing and life changing! I was able to get the answers I was missing and clarity as to why there are certain patterns in my life! Once I had the answers I was able to put things into place and the healing could truly begin and also I was able to let go of what was not mine to carry! I recommend this course to anyone that is trying to connect the dots in their life! I am so very grateful Natasha, thank you so much!” ~ Ange Parke 


“The Akashic Records course with a focus on Ancestral Healing was incredible. It was amazing to work on the connection with my ancestors and connect with the gifts and support I have access to from them. It was also very profound to work on healing past traumas and cycles passed down through my lineage. I know I had a lot of ancestors who were very pleased that I was doing this work. I am excited to see how it helps heal patterns I see in my extended family through healing the past. I am incredibly happy that I took this course as it was a great investment in another tool I am going to be using in my Transformational Therapy programs. Thank you Natasha! It was a beautiful and blessed experience as always!" ~ Tanya Fillion

About Your Teacher

Natasha Mott

Natasha has worked with hundreds of clients to help them make informed decisions in their lives, their relationships, their businesses and their health. By helping her students align their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, Natasha helps them move forward and live their purpose.

Natasha is the Founder of Raising the Vibes Metaphysical Academy, an online spiritual learning center that empowers people to develop their existing spiritual abilities.