Self Healing Mastermind


For those ready to take responsibility for their healing and activate the healer within! 


If you know it's your time to finally commit to your inner healing, this mastermind is for you. 


A 12 week integrative, immersive mastermind to walk you through the deep healing work you have been putting off together. This mastermind is designed to activate the innate healer that you already are.

The only prerequisite for this course is an open mind, a willingness to action change, and an allowance for the healing.   

This is a journey to self healing and the discovery of your own akashic soul blueprint. This mastermind will help you expand your vision to inspire your own healing transformation. It will provide the tools to help you help yourself on a physical, mental and emotional level.

This mastermind aims to: 

  • Activate your natural healing abilities
  • Learn how to ground, clear and energetically protect yourself
  • Help you get to know who you are by accessing the Akashic records. 
  • Learn to retrieve aspects of your soul and really step into your power  
  • Forgive yourself and others on a deeper level
  • Access information to help you make informed decisions
  • Take your healing into your own hands unlock your soul’s blueprint for your own healing  
  • Get to the root of any dis-ease by scan your physical, mental and emotional health
  • Learn how to implement healing from within the Akashic Records
  • Here we look at how our past lives influence our present health
  • Access to secret healing chambers in your Akashic Records
  • Encourage deep transformational healing on another level by accessing your soul’s blueprint. 

This training combines plenty of theory and plenty of practice. The digital curriculum is supported by live group participation on Zoom and a Facebook group.  Multiple mediums are included :written manuals, training videos, classroom style theory, recorded meditations and valuable practice

Please be aware that this course is not meant to replace or subsitute any medical treatments you are currently on.  

Get Back Into Alignment

Get ready to reunite with your soul blueprint so you can take steps forward to help you grow and expand. Understand the why of what happened to you so you can begin to move on back into fullness. 

Inner Guidance System

Access unlimited information in your Akashic Records to help you make the decisions that can help you heal even further. Work with reiki to help clear any blockages. 

Connect with Others

Supported and guided by Natasha, connect with others who are on the same path. Feel supported and encouraged along your journey to expansion. You are not alone!

Whats Included in the Self Healing Mastermind?

Your learning is supported through multiple mediums including a written manual, training videos, recorded meditations and classroom style theory.

Sign up today and receive:

  • 12 x 90 minute live personalized training sessions with Natasha Mott. Exclusive to the Mastermind. 

  • Receive the information live on zoom and digitally. 
  • Powerful work on your chakras

  • Weekly classes to help support you, over 25 meditations to build your confidence in entering the Akashic records and asking for information.
  • 3 Certifications 

    • Reiki Level 1
    • Akashic Introduction: a foundation in the Akashic Records 
    • Akashic Multidimensional Healing. 
  • Lifetime access to the course videos and materials. Refer back to processes or materials anytime, anywhere.

  • Revisit the entire course again. There is the opportunity to go deeper and create more every time you revisit the course.

It is time to invest in your health and in yourself. Its time to take responsibility for your own healing,  to dive deeper. We are multidimensional beings. We need to look at health this way too.

Let me walk you through this. 

Pricing for the Akashic Healing Practitioner Mastermind




 April 26th - July 5th  

Tuesday's, 12:00pm MST





April 26th - July 5th

Tuesday's, 12:00pm MST


About Your Teacher

Natasha Mott

Natasha has worked with hundreds of clients to help them make informed decisions in their lives, their relationships, their businesses and their health. By helping her students align their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, Natasha helps them move forward and live their purpose.

Natasha is the Founder of Raising the Vibes Academy of Consciousness, an online spiritual learning center that empowers people to develop their existing spiritual abilities.