A Message for November Regarding Karma

This month we are looking at karma as a way of cause and effect as we move through these times of change and expansion. Many things are being surfaced in order to be healed, transmuted or expanded on. 

We would like to remind you of the law  of karma in terms of cause-and-effect and in terms of patterns. Each individual creates their own destiny by their thoughts, words and deeds. Many  patterns are being repeated at these times. This is because as a collective we have the need to move past these to expand ourselves. These are the patterns of segregation, separation, discrimination, judgement and control. The pendulum has most certainly been moving and swinging to the outer edge of the most extremes. This needs to happen as it’s only from the place of hitting “rock-bottom” as you call it, or where that low level of discomfort exists, where the pain triggers awareness and gives rise to the need for change. 

We would also like to remind you that in order to change the patterns and intern the karma, we need to change the behaviour and the outlooks on the actions we have taken in the past. For if we do not do this we will be rewarding and enforcing these patterns. 

So we ask you to look at how you act and how you react to the people, the places and the circumstances you find yourselves in. We pose this question to you, “how do you create a world of love, compassion and peace?” The answer simply is to live in love, to live in compassion and to live in peace. Therefore, you are helping others to ignite love, compassion and peace in themselves. 

This is the way to change your karma, by changing your reactions and behaviour. It always starts with you first. Before reacting to a situation, whether that is through words, actions, anger or gossip, ask yourself before reacting and your emotions getting the best of you, “if I were responding from a place of love, compassion and peace, how would I act or answer this person, or handle this situation or circumstance?” 

Go within, take time to journal, meditate and explore who or what situations trigger your reactions and view it from the perspective of cause and effect. Take responsibility now, have an action plan prepared to take your power back from any and all patterns and programs that are not serving your highest expression and potential. 

Lead by example, and see how the world around you will change for the better. 

With lots of love and peace and compassion, 



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