3 Cool Things You Need to Know about Reiki!

Have you ever had a reiki session? If so, you know they're incredibly insightful and can help add a lot of peace and clarity to your life. But I bet you didn't know these three cool things about Reiki!

Reiki can be done at a distance and is JUST as effective that way!

Yes, Reiki can be done just as effectively at a distance as in person. In Reiki Level II, we learn special symbols to help others with reiki who are not present with us in the same room, same city, same country or time zone. Remember that reiki is energy and energy literally exists everywhere - this makes distance reiki just as effective as in-person reiki. Sometimes it can be even better as you're not limited by the physical body in front of you. 

You can Send Reiki to Past and Future Events.

Reiki energy can flow easily to past events as well as future events. If you have a situation in the past which has a heavy energetic pull, you can send reiki to the past in order to ease some of that emotional charge. You can lighten the situation with healing reiki energy and change the way that past situation makes you feel. The same applies to future events. Do you have an interview? A doctors appointment? Scared to fly? Going on a first date? Send reiki in advance to that appointment or space that makes you feel uncomfortable or nervous. In Reiki Level II, we work with symbols and attunements that transcend time and space. This is why we can send reiki effectively to past events as well as future events. You can release yourself from the emotions that bind you.

Reiki Accelerates your Own Personal Self-healing Process!

As with all healing modalities, healing can only take place in proportion to how willing you are to do the inner work. Reiki can help reset your body back to it's original function, which can help immensely when doing our inner work. Restoring the body back to it's baseline state can help accelerate healing in so many different capacities. Your breathing, heart-rate, circulation and emotional state can finally rest and therefore expand. 

Natasha Mott is teaching Reiki Level II this Saturday, July 10th. This live training is also available on Zoom for those of you who are unable to attend in Calgary. This class is excellent for those of you looking to expand your reiki awareness. Don't have Level I or are certified with another teacher? Email us at [email protected] so we can make special accommodations.

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