6 Ways to improve the health of your Crown Chakra


Hi Everyone!

Hope you have had an amazing start to 2023! 

I am going to be running a  Mastermind on the Blueprint of the Chakras.  We are going to really connect with the Akashic records, to look at your soul's blueprint of your chakras. 

I thought I would jump on and talk about 6 ways  in which you can improve the health of your Crown Chakra. 

The Crown Chakra is so important to being able to connect with all that is unseen, your spirituality, enlightenment, it is the gateway to all that is.  Watch the video here: Crown Chakra

1. Meditation 

To be quiet and go within, we do this through meditation  or sit in silence.

2. Grounding

Grounding is very important when doing any kind of spiritual work, a quick  way to remain grounded is walking barefoot or feel the ground beneath your feet. 

3. Knowledge 

A great way to improve the health of your crown chakra is to read and listen to podcasts, absorb and expand your knowledge, and be curious about the world. We must be aware of the quality of knowledge and wisdom we consume. Is it junk food or is it soul food ? Kelly Ann Vass (my friend and Co-Author)  and talk about this in our book the Octopus method. 

4. Food 

Being aware of the quality of food we are putting into our bodies so the quicker we digest food the more we are able to connect with the world that is unseen. Alcohol and drugs can both lower your vibrational frequency, so it is important to know what you are consuming.

5. Having a gratitude practice

The frequency of gratitude expands and raises our vibration and helps us to connect to all things that are vibrating at a higher frequency. So follow your joy!

6. Spiritual practices

Creating spiritual practices, like Yoga, Qigong,Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, sounds like crystal ball events and drumming all help to expand and helps to improve the health of our crown chakra


This is the first in the series of improving the health of your chakra, as always you can find more information on all the courses that I teach through my website Raising the Vibes and you can always contact me by email  If you enjoyed this blog please give me a like on youtube 



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