A Channeled Message for January 2022: You & Success

Hello and Welcome to a new year! 

We would like to bring to your awareness that you are the only one that is stopping yourself from being successful.  This past year may have helped you to release the limitations, in the people, the places and the circumstances that have kept you small. It is your time to shine and you all have wonderful gifts to share with the world, use this opportunity. Do not hold onto it. It might seem too large, and scary to step into this expansion.  Holding back your gifts is a disservice to those that need them.  You have come to this planet to help those in need of your gift. To encourage and to help people move forward in life, to be the best versions of themselves.

Don’t be afraid of success. You will be able to handle what life throws at you. Keep your intentions clear as you act from a place of love and compassion and of being of service. You can ask yourself the following questions; If I were to act, respond, or create from a place of love, how would I act? How would I respond? How would I create?

Remind yourself of your strength, you have overcome so much in the past and are ready to step into a space of expansion! Yes it can be uncomfortable. It is this place of discomfort that there is the biggest opportunity for expansion. You are here to create a better future for yourselves, your loved ones and the collective, humanity. It is important for you to show your successes and yet still be kind and compassionate. Many people do not understand that one can be spiritually aware and be of service and at the same time be financially, mentally and emotionally rich.

Love yourself. Love others. Allow them to see you at your best and for what you have to offer to help them develop that aspect of themselves.  As you continue to develop that aspect of yourself.  Be the love, be the light, be the compassion, be the unity, be the humanity you wish to see.

Love and light, 



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