A Channeled Message for May: Transforming into the Butterfly


As we step into this time period, it is very important to begin to understand that we have been shifting, we have been shedding a lot of the limitations of the past. This is so whether it’s been the limitations or patterns inherited on an ancestral level or that we have become conditioned on a social and economic level. The beginnings of the shift happened quite a while back and the benefits or opportunities that the pandemic brought us was really to have a look at healing and releasing a lot of limitations. 

 As we step into springtime, it really is an opportunity to rebirth and recreate our lives and our relationships and our careers so that they are in enlightenment with our highest potential. We do this by looking at what brings us joy, what excites us and we do this by doing the internal work and looking at the limitations that we have put in place whether conscious or subconscious in order to be able to expand.

It is quite important to look or to self reflect and this happens in many ways. The reflections either come from the people in our lives presenting mirrors to who we are and this happens in both ways - whether you admire somebody or you criticize them, you do it because you recognize those behaviours within you. It also happens when we find ourselves in different cycles and once we recognize the patterns and why we create them, it is important for us to take the steps to change them. Once these subconscious patterns become conscious it then becomes a choice. It is important to look ta these and decide whether to continue or change these cycles.

 This month is all about change and what the akashic records are suggesting is absolutely to take the time to reflect and reflect with grace and compassion, not with judgement or criticism and to step into the space of observation and nurturing and where you focus on what do you want to create, what has been working, what do I actually want to create and what do I want to manifest for the remainder of the year? What do you want to manifest for the next 7 generations of your ancestral line? What do I want to manifest in career or in relationships or in knowledge or love or friendships? Focus on that!

A great exercise to do is to take the perspective of if time and money were in abundance how would you live your life and what would bring you joy. Start to reflect on this. Look at what you answered and look at what can you implement today to bring that forward.

Take time. We are rebuilding. This is the ooey-gooey phase when we are in the cocoon and before we turn into the butterfly. Be gentle with yourself and others and look at what spirit is bringing you. Once we step into the observation space, it helps us to step into the flow of life. 

Have a wonderful month. 

Lots of love to you all,



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