April 2021 Remember Who You Are!

akashic records Apr 01, 2021

A channeled message from the Akashic Records and Natasha Mott’s guide, Emmanuel.

In April we remember who we are!

We have forgotten how infinite we all are and the potential we carry within us.

We think we are hopeless, controlled and suppressed.  When we think limiting beliefs, it becomes the outcome. Our inner world becomes our outer world.  What we think, we create. Let’s start thinking like we are the infinite beings that we are. Let’s start behaving and doing things as if we were infinite.

We come from the stars, and our body is borrowed to us by the earth. We are here temporarily, and it is such a short time.  Every day, passing us by, faster every day, every year.  Though, remember, time is not linear. We can savor and slow down time by simply  being present.  Be present while brushing your teeth, or savoring every bite of food. Linger longer watching the leaves blow in the wind with awe and appreciation.  Let’s live in a place of gratitude, service and sovereignty. Let’s be kinder to ourselves, our bodies and our minds.  Be in a state of love, of gratitude for our bodies, and awaken to the opportunities available and surrounding us. Embrace this gift of life and be curious in what you can create with your time. Right now. 

Don’t worry about the future as the future is created in the present, and how we do the present moment is how we do the future. So if you could imagine your future was a snapshot of this present moment in time, what would you be doing? What would you be feeling? What are you thinking right now? How would you describe the relationship you have with yourself?  Do you have quality relationships and friendships with others?

Where your attention goes, energy flows. This isn’t new information.  It is so easy to forget, to dismiss the power in the knowing, the wisdom the lesson.  Let’s challenge ourselves at every opportunity to bring our focus to the present moment.  This now moment, and in every now moment. The past is gone and the future has yet to come.  

Centre and ground yourself, pay attention to how that feels. Breathe.  Where are your thoughts? What’s important? What becomes unimportant?  When you practice living in the now, remember, you are always creating your future now moment. Practice catching your limiting thoughts before they leave the station and become a runaway train with no brakes.  Staying in that never ending loop of could have’s, would have’s, or should have’s. Then, thinking and thinking and trying to figure out how to get out of a loop with no off ramp.  The solution is within reach.  Breathe, you are safe.  It is within that exhale, you will realize the brake was always right there, within reach.  The answers are within you, in the now moment.  We are always in the drivers seat, trust that the brakes are always working.  You just have to choose. Breathe and choose to see with all your senses.  That’s what makes you the infinite being that you are.  Right now. In this moment, and in every moment. 

Love you always



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