February 2021 message from the Akashic Records

akashic records Feb 01, 2021

A channeled message from the Akashic Records and Natasha Mott’s guide, Emmanuel.

Welcome to the month of February. This is the month of love and this year we focus on love for self and making conscious connections. 

Never has humanity been so “tech” connected and so disconnected from yourselves and each other. I am talking about real, meaningful, conscious connections. This is becoming more and more important as you shift into an ascended timeline.

We ask that you create a daily connection practice. Connecting to your body by being in your body and understanding what it needs: improved nutrition, sleep, rest, movement and so on. Slowing down for a moment to connect, become conscious of your thoughts, your words and your actions. Slowing down to integrate the changes and expand your awareness and therefore speeding up the progress of your ascension. 

Create a practice to connect with your higher self. Asking yourself the question, “Who am I as the highest aspect of me and how can I be of service?”

We ask that you create connection to nature becoming one with all that is around you. Connecting to the elemental beings of air, fire, water and earth as we birth into this new era and restart and create the next part of your journey.

By creating a meaningful connection to yourselves, you are able to create meaningful connections to each other. This is important, so that you are able to be open to the understanding of who you are from all perspectives. As the people you meet are reflections of who you are. You draw them towards you to show what is the next aspect of yourself that needs to be reflected on in order to expand. We would like to remind all of you that those you attract into your life who you admire and aspire to be, is because you also carry this frequency within you. Either way, we would like to remind you to be compassionate and curious for all things. 

Connection is key. When you know who you are, you are able to stand firmly for what you believe in and what you have come to experience on earth.

Connection to source is connection to all things. We are all connected. We are all consciousness.

We remind you that you are eternal, multi-dimensional beings and need to connect on all of these dimensions to understand who you are.

Expand your consciousness by expanding your awareness of who you are to become who you were meant to be.




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