January 2021 message from the Akashic Records

akashic records Jan 02, 2021

Here is a special message from the Akashic Records, from Natasha Mott's guide, Emmanuel.

As you step into the year 2021, we ask that you take some time to reflect on how you have shifted over the past year. How much better do you know yourself? How have you expanded as a partner, a sibling, a child, a parent, and as someone to work with or for? Has much changed in the way you think, in the way you live and in the way you want to live?

2021 brings with it the opportunity of change and rebirth, and the opportunity to reflect on all the foundations and structures of your life and of society. The rebirth has given us the opportunity to start living the best life possible.

Humans have desired change for so many decades. Change can only happen if you are the change. One must make changes to their habits and patterns of the previous years. One cannot continue to behave in the same manner and expect different outcomes. One cannot do nothing and expect different results. It’s not about stopping the past, but starting a new future together as one. As whole. As complete. As the sovereign being that you are.

As we step into the age of Aquarius, we start to look at the people, the places, and the opportunities around us. We become conscious of our own behaviours, our own actions and our reactions. We must step into observation of who we are and how we navigate this body, mind, and soul throughout this incarnation.

We take responsibility for ourselves. We take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions. We take responsibility for our expansion and our ascension. No longer will things happen to us, but for us. As we create it all.

It’s time for you to rise and shine your light. It’s time to lead by example, and it’s time to release the anchors that keep us stuck in the past.

How will we do this? We do this by forgiving and releasing ourselves and others for the hooks that keep us pinned to the past. If we live in the past, we are cheating our future. How loyal are you being to your future?

To create the life you wish to live, you need to let go of what ties you to the past. We are constantly changing. Nothing stands still. We recommend you embrace it, mold it, and create the best life possible for yourself. All is achievable. And you are worthy of it all.

Create the change. Embrace the change. Be the change.

We love you and honour you,

Thanks so much.



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