Joy & Wonder, Peace & Miracles: A Message for December

This month we look at the aspect of joy and wonder, faith, peace and miracles.

As the feeling of excitement fills the air and the ability to manifest for self and others becomes a priority, so does the feeling of peace, love and compassion become remembered and heightened. This is the time to celebrate the ascended master Jesus Christ and the reasons he incarnated. We remind you that he exemplified unconditional love and compassion for all. He also came to show us that we, the healers of the world, can heal ourselves and that we too are sovereign beings.

When we live in a space of giving, we are also open to being in a space of receiving. The one thing that most do not recognize as being an innate gift, is breathing. One breath in and one breath out is an example of giving and receiving. One breath activates as an action, and exhalation activates a reaction. Every breath is a new beginning, every action a new reaction. This is life.

Most importantly, this session reminds us that it’s about coming together and connecting. It’s about activating love and peace on earth without conditions. This season can be a time of extreme stress for some because of the expectations around this time. We invite you to bring in the mindset and activate the filters to see things from the perceptions of unity, love and peace. To be able to give without expectation and receive with grace, is both humbling and empowering.

Know that you are worthy of receiving all that you wish for. Love yourselves more than enough to give from abundance and to receive from abundance. One can only do this if we drop the expectation.

Self-care becomes one of the most important acts of service that you could implement for self and others. Remember that sometimes self-care is saying No.

We remind you to drop all expectations. When there are no expectations, there are no disappointments - only miracles. It is so important to give from a place of overflow, giving from a place of love and gratitude. When we focus on this, there is quality in what we give.

Have a loving, peaceful festive season.

Love and peace be to you, Emanuel.


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