June 2021 Discernment to Zero Point

akashic records Jun 03, 2021
Dear Academy of consciousness members,
This month we want to talk about discernment.  We all have this built in guidance system to observe, evaluate and decide what is important to guide us towards enrichment.   Which leads into, do you think for yourself?   Do you check in and see if those things, that decision, the selected path are all in alignment before saying yes.  The days of 'I didn't know' are no more. There is so much information out there, however, we need to ultimately check in with ourselves and see what resonates within.  What resonates for one person will not resonate with all.  No judgement.
With duality being displayed and highlighted at this time, we wanted to remind you to find the zero point. The place of neutral, the place of everything and nothing, and thus we experience All. We are one with all, as all possibilities exist at all times. When faced with a new reality we need to do what’s in alignment for us. To remain in the space of neutral, of zero point.
When we are at zero point, there is no right and no wrong. There’s only a place of clarity, a place of understanding, of compassion and love for all. This is the unconditional aspect of the zero point.
Love you all, 

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