March 2021 message from the Akashic Records

akashic records Mar 01, 2021

A channeled message from the Akashic Records and Natasha Mott’s guide, Emmanuel.

In March we look at adaptability and change.

As you begin to realize that there is no going back, no return to the “normal” you once knew, we ask that you choose change. This is an opportunity to adapt and to create the ideal life you wish to live. Choose change and create a new foundation for life and business. 

Change is inevitable. Nothing stands still and what you resist will persist. The best way to get ahead of this is to choose change. We ask that you let go of all conformity that kept you restricted from truly expressing and expanding yourself.  

Over the last year, you would have experienced changes within your physical bodies and the shifts on a soul level. The ever-changing needs within your businesses or jobs with the demands of the markets, staff, clients and suppliers, as well as your family, friends and relationships have been preparing you to become more agile in all areas of your life. This is the ideal environment where you can choose to make a difference. Release the need to control all outcomes. As you continue to move with the flow, it becomes easier to adapt to change as you are able to take advantage of all new opportunities that you are attracting towards you. 

With adaptability comes compassion, responsibility, practicality, the ability to let go of all that is no longer in alignment with who you are and why you are here. Remember, all is temporary. Nothing is set in stone. We do not own anything, anyone, any place, even your bodies are lent to you for your temporary visit. Everything moves, everything passes. To help support these changes one needs to go within. When your heart and your mind are in alignment, you are being led by your soul. When you follow your joy, you are in alignment with your passion and your purpose. Let go of all the restrictions that have kept you playing small. 

Adapt to be in alignment with who you are. Sometimes this means saying no. No to the things that do not feed you on all levels and yes to the things that bring joy to all aspects of your being. 

When you are truly being of service to yourselves, you are being of service to others. 

Adapt and embrace the change. Be the change.  

Love and light,



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