May 2021 The Power of Sound!

akashic records May 02, 2021

A Channeled message from Emmanuel

In the month of May we look at the power and the vibration of sound and its importance. We ask that you take note of the sound of your voice and the sound of your chosen words.  Sounds creates.  It is so powerful - sound created the Universe.  Take a moment to let that sink in. 

You are constantly creating your world with the sounds of our voice and the words that you use. And remember, every sound has its counterpart. Just as sound can create anything, it can also destroy it. You are constantly creating and destroying with vibrational frequency of the words you use.  You can build someone up or cut them down with the frequency and the sound of your words. Pay attention and become conscious when choosing your words. Speak your truth, use your words in a way that you are heard and understood.  Speak your words from a place of love. Remember, sound has no barrier and works its way through any material including the physical body. Sound has no boundaries. Sound vibrates through all things on all levels and in all dimensions and realities.

In these times of duality and chaos, we ask that you use the sound OM (aum), in its lower tones or frequencies to help vibrate and clear the aura and the physical body. This will help to clear all lower frequencies being absorbed from so many different sources and re-establish a healthy energy field. Use the higher tones of OM to clear yourself on all planes and dimensions.  Use the power of your voice and chant OM in order to neutralize any toxins within the body and the mind.   Chanting OM releases all the blocks and activates your intuition. Your natural navigational tool for this lifetime. We recommend chanting OM to bring yourselves back into alignment with your higher self and your I AM presence. 

So many of you are feeling disconnected, anxious and tired. OM is one of the most impactful sounds given to you.  It connects you to all that is. Use OM as a medicine to bring balance to mind, body and soul.  Use OM to become one with all.

OM Shanti Om



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