Raise your Vibe!

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2023

What does it mean to Raise Your Vibe? 

We need to focus on improving our physical, mental, and emotional well-being to increase our overall energy levels. But what does it really mean to "raise our vibes"? Let's find out!


Work through your lower- frequency emotions

It's recommended that you don't suppress your emotions; feel them completely and then release them. Surrender and allow them to move through you. Don't hold onto them or ignore them. Move through it and let it go. If we do not work through these dramas and emotions, they act as wee anchors that hold down your frequency. 

Gratitude, Joy and Happiness

"When we experience gratitude, joy, and happiness, we attract more things to be grateful, happy, and joyful about. The same goes for negative emotions like anger, frustration, and worry. How many times has a bad start to your day set the mood for the rest of it? Fortunately, we can shift this dynamic every moment of every day. Each moment is a new beginning, and each breath is a new opportunity to choose positivity."


Observe the quality of your thoughts. 

As my Qigong instructor would say, 'where thought goes, energy flows.' If you wouldn't speak to someone you love using the same tone and quality of your thoughts, then please don't speak to yourself in that way. Your inner child, spirited teen, and every other aspect of yourself are listening, as are your trillions of cells, which are listening and responding to your thoughts.

 What do you consume physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Take note, what are you consuming physically, mentally and emotionally? What is the quality of your food, what movies are you watching, who are the people you are having out with, are they gossips? Do they drive you to being the best version of yourself ? In The Octopus Method, Kelly Ann and I look at all things in terms of junk food or soul food. 

These are only a few things for you to consider.

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