Reiki is Needed More Than Ever...

Uncategorized May 07, 2023

    Although western medicine is incredible in many ways, at times it falls short. The physical aspects are examined, but the root cause of this disease's origin is not. When you begin working with energetic modalities, you will find that they have been practiced for more than 2000 years and are still in use today. It is done on a physical, mental, and emotional level. While natural therapies are effective as a preventative approach to health, Western medicine is available when we need to go beyond that.In an ideal world, these two medicines would complement one another. For instance, if you break your leg vi you would visit a professional in Western medicine, but a reiki practitioner would complement the natural medicine treatment because natural medicine includes not just energy medicine but also the medication we put into our food, our thinking, and our emotions. As a result, reiki is extensively practiced; more teachers and practitioners are required, and its need is greater than ever.


The first level of reiki is when you learn to reconnect with your body, mind, and emotions. Therefore, it is crucial that we take all necessary steps to support our own health because our bodies will remain with us until the day of our death. We shall immediately begin level one's five principles and then onto a 21-day of the self-healing process. 


It is a wonderful process or amazing modality to begin to understand this world of "metaphysics" as we are multidimensional beings and we are much more than just the physical body so we need to understand this. Reiki level 1 is a great starting point for people who have been let down by western medicine and are now looking for other alternatives or if you're just on your Awakening. 


If you're still in the awakening phase or you realise you're an empath , or a natural healer - one sign is that random strangers will come to you and tell you all their problems.  A lot of the time, though, when we start realising that we have these abilities, and we all have them to a degree or another,  it becomes quite scary and we switch it off. Everyone possesses these additional sensory faculties, but when we're young, we either suppress, ignore them or are told they don't exist. .    

Reiki is a fantastic place to start gaining a deeper awareness of this world, yourself, and the fact that your abilities are actually a gift and not a burden. 

 So find a Reiki master or instructor that you connect  with and who is currently teaching , as it's said  "when the learner is ready, the teachers appears" and Natasha would love to be that teacher for you.


Unlock the transformative power of Reiki and take your spiritual journey to new heights. Whether you're just discovering Reiki or looking to deepen your practice, our Reiki Master Natasha is here to guide you every step of the way. Ready to experience the healing energy of Reiki for yourself?                     

Contact us today to learn more and start your journey towards inner peace and enlightenment.


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