Why Ancestral Work is So Powerful

Why is it so important to work with the ancestral lineage? This work is extremely deep and profound. The benefits of working with your ancestral lineage are tenfold.

Gives us a sense of identity

This is why we gravitate towards family trees and one of the most important questions we ask ourselves is: “who am I” and “why am I here”. The first question is so crucial - and can provide you with a sense of understanding of who you are. Within the akashic records, we look at why you explored your lineage. Understanding who you are and why you choose the gene cocktail is one of the most important things.

Connection & Understanding

 Working with the ancestral lineage might allow you to understand why you do certain things. Those traits are actually passed down from one generation to the next, and occasionally we end up experiencing the effects of the suffering and trauma that our ancestors underwent. Connecting to them can allow us to gain insight into our motivations for acting in particular ways and the reasons behind our opposition to and passion for specific things. It can connect us to various cultures, teachings, knowledge, and wisdom. This is powerful knowledge you can return to time and time again.

Provides a better understanding of your health

Another reason why we want to connect with our ancestors is that it helps us understand our health. When we approach healing from an akashic perspective, we consider what's happening on a material, emotional, and ethereal level. Nonetheless, these traits may occasionally be inherited. Our emotional, physical, and mental health may all be impacted by this. For instance, depending on which organ is being triggered, we may really pinpoint where our emotions are stored. In this instance, we can consider the ancestry of genetic disorders.


Helps us to recognise what our limitations are or what we have chosen to overcome

Understanding our limitations is a great way to begin to change them. It's only once we recognise our limitations that we can shift through them. Intergenerational addictions can be understood by being aware of what we have inherited and what emotions need to be worked through. From an akashic standpoint, you chose your bloodlines to help you overcome your limitations.

Understanding family dynamics and patterns

Within the Akashic Records, you can start to understand the family dynamics available to you. Because your father treated you in a certain way, you do the same to your children... sometimes even subconsciously! What are these family patterns that we are experiencing? How can they be broken so that future generations are not trapped in cycles that do not serve the highest good? This is difficult work, but it is crucial to help the bloodline expand.

Heals present, future and PAST generations

Another thing I discovered while doing ancestral lineage work is that we heal seven generations before and seven generations after. When you consider the sheer number of people you can assist, it can be truly amazing! You spend the majority of your childhood learning and the majority of your adulthood unlearning. This type of work has the potential to change the dynamics of children, siblings, parents, and pretty much everyone in the lineage - it has a significant impact!

Gives you a sense of purpose

It is the belief that we choose our family because of our limitations or because of what we are wishing to overcome... This gives us a sense of purpose. Many of the traumas we experience are necessary for us to help others! We can become aware of the various outcomes that are possible for us. The wonderful thing about us is that we have free will! Recognising intergenerational patterns is critical for healing!

Gives you compassion for our family and our forefathers

Understanding our ancestors' struggles often allows us to appreciate who we are. Recognising our ancestors' remarkable strength can instill a sense of pride in our lineage. It's a miracle that you're here!

Uncover your unique gifts

Every lineage comes with gifts. So often we get caught up in discussing the trauma of our lineage that we forget there is so much beauty to be uncovered as well. Perhaps your grandmother was a master weaver or had an affinity for plants and animals; this same coding is also present within your DNA! Discovering your gift can be one of the most exciting aspects of working with the ancestors.

Want to work with your ancestors? We have a few upcoming offerings for you. 


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