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What is Conscious Community?

The Raising the Vibes Conscious Community is designed to support anyone who is curious and enthusiastic about developing their own spirituality and expanding their consciousness. This circle is ideal for those who are just getting started and for those who have been on this journey for a while and want to expand their spirituality even more.  This conscious community is for you if these statements resonate…

  • You desire connection or crave a community that nurtures your beautiful soul.
  • You are looking for ongoing support.
  • You are looking for a safe space to discuss your experiences, visions, thoughts, and spiritual insights without feeling like an odd duck.   
  • You want to understand various spiritual modalities (such as reiki, akashic records, channeling, energy healing & therapies, etc.) and have access to experts within the spiritual industry

If the above resonates with you, then you have found your conscious community and soul tribe! YAY! By consciously joining the Raising the Vibes Conscious Community, you also get access to our regular community events and videos including monthly guest speakers, monthly development sessions with Natasha Mott, bi-weekly Q&A sessions, mini-retreats, meditation videos, and so much more.

Inviting, expansive, and always evolving
Raising the Vibes Conscious Community

Live Gatherings

Community Zoom gatherings twice a month to get answers for your questions on various spiritual topics.

Special Guests

Learn from experts! A guest speaker is featured each month to share their wisdom.


Participate in monthly workshops where you have the opportunity to practice and expand your abilities.

This is for me
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Her mentorship has changed my life...

Our spiritual support group has advanced my knowledge and practice in countless ways. For anybody who is contemplating joining, I promise it is worth the investment. I look forward to our group each and every week. Also, it’s a gathering of such beautiful souls . And of course, there’s Natasha💕 Her mentorship has changed my life. Heather Edelman

I echo everything Heather just posted. So grateful to be in attendance. 
~ Lori Wasylyniuk

Amazing! So much new information! Loved it!! Thank you! ❤️ ~ Teri-Lee 

Beautiful session and wonderful people! 
~ Kristine Morgan

That was amazing! What an interesting interview. 
~ Jodi Forsythe

Bravo Natasha. You have this fascinating and confident ability to break down such complex ideas and present them in an understandable way. I am always impressed by your ability to do this🙏🏽And great questions today 👍

This was a fabulous session 🙏🏽Thank you so much for organizing our guest speaker. Love love love our conscious community. 

A Channeled Message from Lori Wasylyniuk

A message for the members of this beautiful Conscious Community 

There is a connection that draws you to one another. A matter of great importance. A matter of love and support.  And great questions today.

There is something that has not Unfolded within the group dynamic. Each member has its own talents and gifts. And together it is a great melding of something bigger. Something that will change the dynamic of humanity. Something that we will learn from. Something that has not chosen to reveal itself yet. We are one. We are open. We are learning. We are connected to more than just a group. And souls gravitate as one. With the same goal. The same purpose. Our gifts melding as one. Each one brings a promise of great things to come.

The future has not been unfolded yet. We are creators of our own destiny. Each day promising to be better than the one before. With awakening our awareness. With bringing likeminded individuals into our fold. Becoming stronger as one. Cheering each other on to reveal greatness, humility and devotion. It’s not a coincidence we are together. It’s a planning from long ago. Brought to our awareness in the now. In the future.

What can we accomplish. It is intended to come out. For there is always a master plan. A glimpse of what is to come.
A story to be told. We are in this together. To achieve what has not come to light as of yet. We are a dynamic that’s unstoppable. Unwavering in our quest for the truth. For the answers. We choose to be who we are. And we are stronger together. The answers lie within. To be awakened within ourselves. As a family that we are.

Go with god. 
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About Your Teacher

I have built a community of soul-based entrepreneurs, energy and spiritual enthusiasts, and together we have created the powerful support system I wish I had 22 years ago.

When I moved to the UK in 1999, away from my family and life as I knew it, I also moved away from my spirituality. I had been channeling since childhood and I received healing and spiritual support from the four generations before me. When I moved away from this support system, I feared that I couldn’t handle my spiritual power on my own.

After another international move to Canada with my husband and children in 2012, I found my spirituality was reawakening quite by surprise. It wasn’t until my corporate career turned toxic (my boss was bullying me daily) and I broke my leg in 5 places in a minor softball accident, that I realized I was being called to do so much more with my gifts. I fully embraced my spiritual calling so that I could truly help others.

Natasha Mott

Natasha is a 5th generation healer and spiritual teacher who has been channeling since childhood. Her lineage extends back to the books of Allan Kardec, who is now featured in a Netflix special and global hit.

She kept her signature mix of science, philosophy and spirituality underground for decades, following her grandfather’s legacy of hosting an underground spiritual development school in Mozambique in the 1950s. 

Natasha is the Founder of Raising the Vibes Metaphysical Academy, an online spiritual learning center that empowers people to develop their existing spiritual abilities.

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