Stéphanie Nelson

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About Stéphanie Nelson

In 1994 after a health crisis initiated by the birth of my daughter, I began to formally explore complimentary healing modalities and expanded models of wellness. Two years later I began a 10-year apprenticeship with an Elder, exploring Indigenous Healing Practices. This experiential journey of learning completely shifted my worldview into one of Spirit and Energy, and at this point I left my nursing career behind. Not because everything I had learned was wrong, but rather it was incomplete. This was my gateway moment, and for the past 25 years has permitted me to continuously integrate my knowledge and experiences into my own evolving framework of a quantum reality.

I work intuitively with all the collected tools and processes that I have studied over the years, to support you on your healing journey of self-exploration and expansion. I source from the Akashic Records to support new seekers and seasoned healers alike. I specialize in bridging and integrating Western, Complimentary, and Alternative perspectives to assist you reconnecting to your most powerful resource-yourself.

I find great joy in helping others to release themselves from their perceived limitations, so they can remember who they are and embrace their capacity to create.