Conscious programs for all types of learning.

Find a program that works for you. 

We are so induvial in how we learn. Find a method of learning that is ideal for you. 

Online Learning

Online Learning

Access to online learning, taught as though you were in your were in the workshop. These courses include videos, pdf's and recorded mediations.

Do these courses at your own pace, in your own time and as many times as you want. 

This is for you if you can not dedicate an entire weekend or morning to training. It also brings with it a cost saving. 

Ready to Learn
Kelly Ann Vass


This is for you no matter how far you are in your journey of awakening. Our conscious communities create the space for you to actively explore and expand on your own spirituality. 

Join our community for continued in person curriculum support. Connect with like minded people on this journey. It is a  safe and supportive space to ask questions and explore your gifts. 

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In Person Learning

Join us for in person training with some of the most knowledgeable teachers, experts within their fields.

In person workshops have the extra added bonus of real time learning and the support and guidance of their teachers. 

Another bonus of doing these courses online is that you will receive access to the digital course. 

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