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The Octopus Method


About Kelly Ann Vass

I work for the akashic records in the capacity of life coaching, spiritual healing, training, and development. I experience myself as a student and teacher of love and grace. I also support awakened spiritual entrepreneurs through a co-creation with Natasha Mott and Lord of the Akashic Records called The Octopus Method: 8 Strategies to Create Balance, Growth & Sustainability in Business and Life.

As of October 2020, I am certified by Levin Life Coaching Academy as a Boundary Coach. My purpose is to support people in connecting to their own souls for their soul evolution and ascension. I support spiritual health and where it connects with physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. I know through experience that when we calm the mind, connect to the heart, and let the soul lead, we can create our desires in the now.