10 Reasons Why You Might Want to Work With the Akashic Records!

Why would you want to work within the Akashic Records? There are so many reasons. It can be a helpful tool on so many different levels! 


Holds Your Soul’s Blueprint!

The Akashic Record contains the blueprint for your soul. What is the blueprint of your soul? The blueprint of your soul is a map of yourself. This map displays your astrological signs, ancestry, passion, and purpose, as well as all of the contracts, deals, and agreements we have with people. It hosts every single thing you could think about pertaining to you. Having access to this will provide you with a great deal of clarity as to why your soul chose this path. 

Tap Into Your Creativity!

You can always use the records to help you tap into your creativity. For example, I frequently open the records to create a business plan and create the curriculum and workshops I want to host for Raising The Vibes (see  what’s coming up here). Use the records to help you get into that creative mindset. From that special place, you can paint, draw, imagine, and perform music. The creative possibilities are limitless!

Gives you peace of mind and divine guidance.

I find this very calming sensation strikes me when I go into this records. when I go into the records. It feels like a very serene wave of energy when I’m within my records, it tends to bring you into this state of relaxation because we use a meditative state when we are accessing the records. 


Remembering your past lives.

Sometimes our past lives can affect us. This can help us work through whatever we are working through in this lifetime. Or it can help activate things that we have mastered in our past lifetimes to integrate and to integrate into this lifetime as well. We can get so much insight into our patterns this lifetime by examining past lifetimes.


To help you build a relationship with divine guidance. 

You will have specific guides that you will work with through the records. There is the Lord of the Akashic Records and to be more specific there are more specific guides to help guide you through the experiences and help you get the information that you need and want. It’s so nice to be able to connect with these guides and to feel that sense of protection and clarity.

Helps you identify unhealthy patterns.

Going into the records can help you identify the origins of the addictions, problems or issues that you are struggling with. It helps you to really look into these reparative behaviours that you find yourselves in. What are you struggling with into this lifetime as well? Once we bring those into awareness, it can really help us start to shift away as a way of guidance.


Hosts all contracts, agreements and deals we have within them!

It’s so important to be able to have access to these contracts which can help you to understand the nature of your relationships. That becomes very very important to your happiness and progression here on earth.  Why do certain people behave one way? Why do you instantly dislike your coworker? Why does your mom challenge you so much? That will help you to understand those behaviours so that you can move through them as well.

Recognise where your fears come from!

Where do your fears come from? Where do your limiting or negative beliefs come from?  How can you tackle them head on? Working within the records can give you valuable information about your records which can give you what you need to tackle them head on. 


Clarity on your souls purpose this lifetime. 

Why are you here? What do you need? Connect to your blueprint so you can decide what you want to do and how you want to change in this lifetime. What are you doing for yourself and what are you doing for yourself or for the collective consciousness as well?


Encourages Expansion & Awareness.

The Akashic Records can help you with your journey into seeing how you work energetically for those of you are empaths. It can really help you manage those energies so you can help understand how you specifically work. Remember, the records are a very non-judgemental place so you can approach yourself with a similar sense of love and compassion.

BONUS REASON: The Akashic Records can also help you to clear and heal on another deeper level. Wish you could let go of the past and move on? Unsure why you keep perpetuating the same patterns? The Akashic Records can help you clear deeply on a soul level, which can make it feel like a fog has been lifted.

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