7 Tips to Help You Surrender & Let Go

As we draw closer to the end of a year we usually tend to have a wee reflection on what this year has been like and what we would like to change. We reflect on what we would like to let go of or stop doing and what we would like to bring into the year ahead, AKA the New Years resolution. 

We could apply this process to other aspects of our lives like; relationships, friendships, jobs, etc. We tend to hold on so tight to the people, the places and the circumstances that are toxic, harmful and limiting. We rarely reflect on what we need to release and let go of in order to allow in the new. 

Here are 7 tips that will help you let go and surrender all that is anchoring you to the past so that you can step into the highest expression of who you are.  These tips will help you to stop cheating your beautiful future with your dreadful past. 

1. Feel your feelings 100%

One of the best ways to let go is to surrender and then allow yourself to feel your feelings 100%.  Don’t be scared to align with feelings that are intense, anxious or “over-the-top”, in fact giving yourself permission to feel fully can be a great sign of surrendering. Children are our greatest teachers when it comes to feeling things 100%.    They embrace their anger, or fear, or happiness and they allow themselves to expand. And then they let it go. Giving yourself permission to feel the difficult feelings is a great way to surrender, but, be sure to not sit in it for too long. The key message here, is the suggestion  to feel all that comes in, and allow yourself to move through it. And then let that ... GO! 

2. Address your limitations

Learn to identify old beliefs and paradigms that are creating stagnancy for you. What do you need to shift? What old belief systems are actually creating stagnancy for you instead of allowing flow and happiness? Be okay with stepping into the expanded version of yourself. Understand what is the belief we are holding and what are we making it mean. What is the fear and how can we release it? We can’t co-create if we are holding onto ideas and beliefs of the past!  We can’t cheat on our future with our past because we are holding onto that teather. Allow old versions of yourself to fall away with love.

3. Don’t be afraid to challenge your beliefs 

Where does this belief come from? Is it mine? Most often it’s culturally conditioned through our beliefs or cultures or it can be narratives that we have been taught to belief through school systems or professional environments like church. Every group we have ever been in has morphed who we are. Don’t hold onto the belief as being good or bad, or right and wrong. Try to be conscious in choosing the reality you want for yourself. If things aren’t working for you, ask yourself if your underlying beliefs are true. They may not be! Surrendering can sometimes mean dismantling the belief systems that are keeping you stuck or bound. 

4. Trust the intelligence of your body 

Always trust the device. It never lies. Your body is very honest and it aims to be clear with you on what needs to be shifted. Challenge yourself. Be present in the discomfort without over analyzing. When surrendering, make sure you tap into the inane barometer of your body with gentle love and curiosity. Remembering as well that you may need different things in different moments. Try to treat your body with as much TLC as possible. Keep a close eye on your body and give it a chance to let go as much as possible. This can require more sleep or rest, more exercise or gentle modalities such as yoga, pilates or even acupuncture! 

5. Disconnect from social media, go within yourself.

Social media is such an amazing thing but when it comes to surrender it can create a sense of a hamster wheel. There is so much to be done and it seems like the journey is never stopping. Go go go is the nature of the social media game, but this often can cause a lot of discomfort in us if what we are really needing in the moment is to release. Social media can be a positive presence if used properly, but it can really keep us stuck in a holding pattern! Don't be afraid to disconnect. 

6. Choose yourself

Sometimes it’s important to choose yourself over all. Don’t judge yourself for the need to shift out of relationships that maybe don’t serve you. This is only serving to create some difficulties for you. Stop “shoulding” about everything and look at what your needs truly are- physical, emotional and mental. How can you shift into what brings you joy and what expands you? What is the belief system? Is it true? This doesn’t make you a bad person. 

7. Meet your resistance with love

“I’m undeserving. I’m unworthy. I don’t deserve success.” Work through this resistance with a gentle curiosity and love and compassion for yourself. This can be easier said than done, especially when so many of these thoughts and patterns are so deeply ingrained we may not even understand or see that we still carry them. Be gentle as you unravel these intense and sometimes overwhelming knots of resistance. 

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