A Message from Emmanuel Regarding October 2021


The blueprints of realities are being written as we speak. They are being written with every choice and every decision that we make and don’t make.

Times are changing, and as a collective we have asked for these times. As a collective, WE have all asked for these changes. Therefore, we are always responsible for everything that is playing out in our reality. Change is required.  The ‘normal’ we are all trying to get to, was toxic, is toxic, and it no longer exists in this current plain of reality.  This ‘normal’ you want to get back to, is the same as a toxic relationship that one has endured for way too long. The abusive relationship that keeps you small and stuck, scared, unhappy, limiting and powerless. 

Now is the time to welcome change. Change for the better world. Change for a better life. Change for conscious expansion.

So many have lost their way and these times of uncertainty are bringing us back to reconnecting with self. Back to redefining who we are. If you’re not being the best version of yourself, now is a great time to redefine who you are. We are always redefining who we are and reaching for the best versions of ourselves as we expand and become conscious.  

I ask you these questions….

 “What would life look like, if you were not limited by your beliefs and your blocks?”  

 “What would life look like, if you did not live in fear? “

 “What would life look like, if you released all the physical, mental and emotional limitations?”

 “What would life look like, if you felt limitless and unstoppable? “


Sit with these. Go within and reflect. What would an ideal life look like? What would an ideal health system, legal system, and governmental system look like? All of this is being created at this very moment as a collective. The more you can visualize a utopian life and action towards it, the more the timelines and the realities will shift to be in alignment with this. Do you continue to lean into what is not in alignment?  Or, do you start creating a life you would like to live by taking action now?  We create our own realities with our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Action the world today by creating the energy of alignment of what you want to live tomorrow.

Love and light,



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