Christmas Gift Guide 2021

The holidays are such a special time for us all, aren't they? No matter what you celebrate, this time of the year is time for reflection, for peace, unity and community. It's also one of the times of the year where we tend to give and receive many gifts. Some end up on a shelf or are never to be seen again.  This year we recommend investing in yourself or your loved one and give them the gift that keeps giving. A gift that raises their vibration and gives them knowledge and skill that they can keep forever.  Here are a few ways that you can do this. 

21 Day Intuition Initiation 

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself? Are you looking to expand your inner awareness? Activate your intuition and learn how to use your super powers—your extra sensory spidey senses.For less than $2 a day, you will receive 21 daily videos covering a variety of topics and practical activities to develop your intuition. This course is perfect for intuitive of all levels!

The Akashic Foundations Course

Maybe you've really been wanting to dive more into the Akashic Records and start to explore what they are in your own time. Uncover the past, release attachments and gain wisdom with this introductory course. We have a self paced online version or a live course available on Jan 22nd and 23rd or March 5th or 6th

Book a Private Session

Maybe what you want more than anything is to let someone else help guide you along the path to inner balance and healing. Book a reiki, craniosacral therapy session or an Akashic Record session with Natasha Mott.

Become a Reiki Healer

This could be the year when you are truly ready to expand your light both to help yourself and help others. Reiki can help you accelerate healing, remove blocks and access your highest potential. In this potent bundle you can learn all of the skills necessary to truly help others heal through energy. This bundle can help you master reiki for yourself and give you the. tools to start a spiritual business of your very own. 

A Conscious Community Membership

The Conscious Community is designed to support anyone who is curious and enthusiastic about developing their own spirituality and expanding their consciousness. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Each month there are development sessions, Q&A's with Natasha Mott, and a community space where you can feel supported and safe to ask questions about all of the spiritual topics that interest you the most.

Become an Akashic Healing Practitioner 

Gift someone (or yourself) this potent mastermind. This is designed for people who are ready to step up and help others. This mastermind takes you from beginning to advanced healing practitioner in 12 weeks. This is the ideal addition to a soulful service business. It is the perfect pivot or complete career change that will feed your soul as you express your soul’s calling. In this mastermind, you will learn to access the unlimited knowledge and wisdom of the universe and never, ever worry about what to say to really transform people's lives as you will be channeling the information from the Akashic records. 

With these gift ideas, you can truly give a gift that you can access time and time again. Whether it's expanded intuition, knowledge about the Akashic Records, or a personal session to ground and align, there are so many gift ideas to help you make your holiday shaping easy! 


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