Creating Conscious Connections

We are more connected technologically than ever before these days. However, most of us would probably say that we feel disconnected to ourselves and each other.  We are mastered at creating distractions,  creating busy so that we don't have time for self reflection, for connecting to the basics, of life, and to nature.  

Why is that so important?

Traditionally, we depended on others for survival. Community ensured survival. We want you to become intentional and purposeful about making and developing and ensuring satisfying connections.

Ask yourself how deep or fulfilling are your connections? On the scale of one to ten, rate each of the relationships that you are currently engaged in, including the one you have with yourself. Be honest. You don't have to admit this aloud to anyone. 

Make Connecting a Conscious Choice

Make conscious choices. Be consciously aware of how you are connecting to people. Maybe you have connections that you’ve outgrown that you are hanging onto. Are you in relationships you ACTUALLY want? How can you make them more fulfilling? A good way to do this is to feel comfortable having conversations, establishing firm boundaries and increase your "buy in" to the relationships you want to build. 

Be Vulnerable

Connections requires vulnerability, depth, honesty. Don’t close off your heart. Many of us are scared to be vulnerable in relationships. This is a disservice, because in that way we are not being true to the authentic version of who we are. Take risks. Choose to not punish new people in your life for the mistakes of people from your past. Let them have a blank slate. 

Invest Time & Energy!

This is the hardest tip of all of them to creating conscious connections. We are all busy. In fact , many of us feel like we don’t have any time to waste in our lives. And connections require time and they also require energy. What would your life be like if you didn't have positive connections? Conscious connections are important for fulfillment, purpose, meaning and joy. Make the time. Schedule it in. Nurture yourself. Make TIME for new connections.

Connect to Ourselves

The most important thing is to connect with ourselves. If we don't connect with ourselves truly and completely, how can we ever expect to connect with others consciously? Set aside a few minutes in the morning and in the evening to connect to the most important person in your life – you. This will start (and end) your day off in a conscious, connected and fulfilling way.  Connect with your body, emotions and mind. These are all facets of connection.

Connect with Nature

Nature is amazing. We need to make sure we connect to the natural places around us, as much as we can. Connecting with nature helps us adhere to the rhythm and the cycles of the earth. 

Finding Your Tribe

Find like-minded people wherever you can. It’s so important to connect with people who feel like your people. I have a Conscious Community, which is a group of like-minded spiritual people who are all on the journey to evolution and truth. I have a complimentary group as well on Facebook – The Akashic Activation Hub.  Find those who make you feel like you are seen and understood.

Create a daily practice to connect with yourself, nature and others. This will help keep you feeling anchored and supported in difficult times.


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