Five Suggestions to Support the Lunar Eclipse Energies

Did you know that we are at the end of a two-year cycle with the partial lunar eclipse and the full Moon in Taurus taking place on October 28, 2023. Eclipses signify significant periods of change and transformation. And so many of us have been experiencing the effects of this.

There are two types of eclipses; one is a solar eclipse that is similar to a new moon energy, in the way that it opens the portal for new beginnings and opportunities for making the changes we so yearn for. The other is a lunar eclipse that acts more like full moon energy in that it  helps to complete cycles that we have been working on and they are an opportunity to conclude, to let go, to shift, or to shred the limitations we have been holding onto for so long.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more dramatic as they have a big effect on our emotional bodies. These eclipses allow old subconscious patterns and limitations to surface.  They tend to convey the truths we have been ignoring in a dramatic way making them more emotionally charged. 

We invite you to see this as a great opportunity to make the changes you need to make. See it as the encouragement and motivation you need to conclude what is not in alignment and shift your life to your ideal life where you are living your life to its highest potential. 

Here are Five Suggestions to Support the Lunar Eclipse Energies

1. Stay in observation of your emotions and what is being reflected to you. 

You do this by being curious about your actions and reactions. Observing the emotions, the triggers that are surfacing. These are here to help you. They show you where you need to work on yourself and what needs to be released.

2. Honour the body, mind and soul. 

Listen to your body. It's a great indication of what is happening on a physical, mental and emotional level. Self care is imperative. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising regularly, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

3. Let it go. Surrender!

Surrendering does not mean giving up. It is the process of accepting and letting go of the past. By doing this you are allowing the emergence of something new. Stop cheating on your future with your past, embrace the changes and implement new habits. 
Surrendering allows us to fully engage in our own healing and expansion. I have created a powerful monthly group Akashic Fire Clearing service to support you with this.

4. Stay grounded 

There are many  physical benefits to being grounded, here is a wee video that talks about that, we stay grounded by being present and connecting to the earth's energies.

This  gives us the calm, the balance, and the stability to navigate the changes we are being faced with. Here is a quick meditation you can do to help. 

5. Follow your Joy

Kelly Ann and I have based an entire mastermind around health and Joy with The Octopus Method. Following our Joy gives us purpose. It allows us to get to know who we are in this world and why we are here. It also opens us up to being grateful for all that is. And when we are grateful we draw towards us more things to be grateful for. 

If you are wanting support during these times the Group Akashic Fire cleanses is a great investment in your self care and will help to support and keep things moving along and opportunities coming.

A few more meditations that may be of service: 


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