3 Easy Ways to Connect with your Spirit Team!

akashic records Jun 30, 2021

Forming and nurturing a relationship with your guides is instrumental when it comes to spiritual development. There are numerous ways that we can connect with our guides, but most importantly we need to carve out the time and space to meet with them.

Nourishing this relationship is just like forming any other relationship - founded in reciprocity. Where can you give to your guides so you can receive with an open heart and mind?
First thing we always suggest is scheduling in some time to connect with your guides. Give them (and yourself) a chance to sit in, settle and connect for a few minutes of reflective meditation. Feeling too busy for that? This is exactly why we have created Sunday's with Natasha Mott & the Akashic Records. This subscription gives you access to one meditation, every week, on Sunday. Carve time out of your week to connect with the Akashic Records and yourself. Give yourself the space and time you need to uncover your soul's blueprint and unlock your ultimate potential. 
Secondly, you can create a special lexicon with your guides. I suggest sitting down and writing out a list of signs that your guides can use to communicate with you. Examples of these include things like feathers or coins, but signs can be whatever you want. It's always fun to assign something a bit random as a sign. For example, one of my personal signs is sunflowers as a sign that surprise money coming in.  One you pick a sign, you have to pay attention! You never know where these signs will appear - they might be on a car window, a t-shirt or in a storefront. 
Lastly, you can create a sacred space. Assign a small corner in your home and build a sacred space where you can go to connect with your guides. If you live in a small space or have roommates or are around people who might not embrace your sacred space, you can always use a drawer or a non-descript corner of a shelf. Keep this space clean and adorn it with items that make you happy - flowers, knicknacks, statues, live plants or crystals. Whenever you visit this space, say a hello to your guides and offer a word or two of gratitude. 
Are you finding it difficult to carve out the space and time to connect with your spirit guides or yourself? This is a common problem many face. To help, we've created Sundays with Natasha Mott and the Akashic Records. This subscription gives you access to a unique weekly Akashic Meditation guided by Natasha Mott. Build confidence in accessing the Akashic Records and give yourself the space and time to connect with yourself, your guides and your records. Join us here. 

With so much duality being displayed and highlighted at this time, we wanted to remind you to find the zero point...[read full channelled message here].



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