5 Reasons You Need to Ground!

Grounding is one of the best ways to get centered, still and happy. You can ground in multiple ways but one of the best ways is to simply go outside, with no distractions. That means leave the iPhone behind and get ready to be one with the world around you. Bonus points if you can put your bare feet on the grass! For those of us who live in cold places, I still encourage you to get out whenever you can. 

Grounding helps you feel embodied and calls you back into your body.

Sometimes if you are feeling spaced out or distracted, it’s a great benefit to ground. It helps you become more clear and to center and to feel like you are standing firmly like a giant oak tree. 

Grounded helps you feel connected.

We can often feel very disconnected from ourselves, from others and from the earth. Never have we been so technologically connected but so disconnected emotionally. Grounding helps us to connect. I say that because when we are connecting to the ground it helps me to establish a sense of peace within my being. Connecting with nature also helps me feel like I am one with all. I realize that I'm not alone and actually we are all connected. It helps to shift perspective and feel aligned with all that is on this earth. 

Grounding brings balance.

We have very important chakra points at the bottom of our feet. If you start to think about yourself as being an energetic body and as such containing atoms, they are positively charged. When you connect to the earth and when you ground, there is an exchange of electrons that is happening within the body and within the earth. This ends up bringing you into a balanced state. The earth holds everything that nurtures us. We are a direct replica of the minerals and of the vitamins of the planets. When I’m meditating and grounding, I like to absorb everything within my body and nourish all of my soul and my body with the energy of the earth.

Increases blood-flow & serves as an anti-oxidant as well

For those of you who have inflammation, grounding is said to help with pain and is a great way to reconnect and balance. Grounding helps the body allow negatively charged antioxidant electrons from the Earth to enter and neutralize positively free radicals. This takes place at the sites of inflammation. Cool hey? 

Grounding helps energize the body.

Remember what trend where joggers were running barefoot? There is science behind that! If you look at a reflexologist, every organ of the body is represented on the souls of our feet. As you ground and walk and exchange this energy with nature, you’re actually massaging and feeding all of those organs with the souls of your feet as well.

 Grounding helps you sleep better.

There are many studies that look at this phenomenon. Grounding and walking barefoot in nature actually helps us to sleep a little bit better. I recommend grounding every day, I recommend grounding as many times as you need throughout the day. Feeling stressed? Go outside! Feeling happy? Still go outside!

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