5 Easy Tips for Effortless Manifesting!

Manifesting. It's the buzz word of the century!  As we start to understand more about how manifesting, like everything else, is frequency and vibration. We attract what we vibrate at. We are literally human magnets, constantly attracting towards us what we put out with our thoughts, emotions and our actions.  It then makes sense that we are constantly magnetizing all the people, the places, the circumstances and the opportunities towards us. We need to be really conscious of the quality of what we are calling forward as we are constantly manifesting the world around us. Manifesting is not only for money, it's also about the people and the relationships in your life, and your business. 

Here are 5 easy tips for manifestation:

  1. Clear the clutter!

It's extremely difficult to manifest from a place of clutter - both mentally and physically. For all of you feng shui enthusiasts, you will know that clutter stagnates the energy and does not allow for the flow of energy. We want to be open to the natural flow to bring in abundance in all things.  Take extra time to clean your home, your mind and any other area of your life which may be affecting your manifestation. For instance, you want to go travelling and you can't find your passport - time to clear the clutter! If you want a new romantic partner and your bedroom has piles of dirty laundry everywhere and you don’t have a space for that person – clear the clutter and make the space.

2. Focusing on your happiness

It's not selfish, its necessary. When you are in love with yourself and completely happy you will attract more things to be happy about. It’s not about them, it really is all about you. Maintaining your happiness in all circumstances is single handily the best way to bring forth all that you want to you. It's hard to maintain that vibration when everything seems to be actively pushing against you keeping you in that state, and try your very best to vibe higher. Engage in activities that make you feel happy – listen to that music that gets you moving and puts in you a great mood, do something creative like painting, journaling or be active like walking a trail that always brings you joy.

When you maintain this vibrational state, it's like the happy happenings in your life amplify every day and you tend to draw the opportunities towards you to amplify and add to your joy. Follow your joy in all aspects of your life. I usually tell my clients that happiness is an inside job. When you are not reliant on someone else to make you happy, that’s when you will find them.

3. Take Inspired Action.

This is the catalyst for bringing in what you want to manifest.  It's not enough to think positive, you need put things in motion by taking action towards the dream!  Be on alert to answer the call when it comes up, even if it feels totally out of place or outside of your comfort zone. If your intuition nudges you to go to a specific café on a different street than the one you usually tend to go to. Don’t resist or second guess yourself, go that way. You could meet your future partner, potential customer or your new boss there! Follow your spidey senses. Even if it's irrational. This will help flex your intuition muscles and help you discover the joy of living a life of flow and ease. 

4. Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Be thankful for your life and circumstances, every single day.  You don't have your dream house yet, no problem...that doesn't mean you can't wake up every day in your tiny apartment and thank every single inch of that space. The more you can find to be in a vibration of gratitude, the more things to be grateful for will be magnetized to you. The more you start taking note of the things to be grateful for the more will present itself.  Implement a few gratitude practices like taking stock of the day before going to sleep of all the things you could be grateful for. Have a gratitude journal that you read and add to every day. Tell one person a day why you are grateful for them in your life.  

5. Surrender the Outcome.

This may appear to be the hardest part, especially when you've spent so much time focusing on the outcome of what you DO want. Surrender is not about giving up. It’s about handing over.  Surrender is about asking God, source or your universal manager to make things happen. However, we need to create space so that the universe can step in and do some work on our behalf. Take a moment and thing of the significant people in your life that changed the direction of your life. Random? I don’t believe in accidents or chance.  This is why we surrender, so that we don’t get in our way and try to control what it looks like. Surrender the “how” to the powers that be. The word surrender makes people feel like they need to abandon or give up. The original translation of the Old French word is to up (sur) redre (render), or to render up. Let go and allow the universe to create on your behalf. Easier said than done, but it is crucial to manifesting your desires for your greatest good. Perhaps you can see it as handing it over to your universal manager to get working on it for you.

Bonus tip: Always end your manifestations with: "This or something better." This allows the universe to create circumstances that are aligned to your highest and greatest good. It may be more than you were expecting.

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