September 2021: Expectations and Balance

This month is a month of balance and justice and we cannot talk about this without looking at expectations. Expectations of self and the expectations of others as well as the expectations for others. You see, when many people do some thing they do it with an expectation of a certain action or a reward or a reaction. And yes that has been the way of the past, And as we evolve as a species it starts to become less about expectation to balance out the action and more of an action as a result of being of service.
This is the reason why we need to release. The expectation is because sometimes the balance of the action does not come back in a way that we expect. It is returned by another person, at another time, or at another place. This is why we are being called to be of service without the expectation of a return In one way or another. This will happen naturally as it is universal law.
We ask that when you act you act in a way that is from the heart and without condition. Balance also comes into play when we tend not to live for others and their expectations and in a way that is an alignment with ourselves and our passion and purpose.
Another aspect of expectation is one of self reflection. Do we act based on what we think others expect us? So take stock and take note when we place those expectations on ourselves.
Balance comes in to play when we tend to live in alignment with what brings us joy, what drives our passion. Anything else brings in balance into our lives. And in balancing our relationships we help to balance our situation or circumstances.
So what if we just went about a day acting from a place of love, dropping the expectations and being completely and utterly you? You without the expectation of needing to be one way or another, either by the expectations you placed on yourself, or that that others have placed on you even if its just your perception?
The one thing you need to realize is that the balance is always there. Whether you see it or not. There is always a reaction to an action. All that we ask it’s for unconditional acts of kindness and we do this by being of service to self first and then to others second.
Love and light with kindness and compassion,

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