4 Signs You May Need Spiritual Healing

 Spiritual healing can be used in a variety of situations, despite the fact that it may seem complicated and challenging.
It can be simple to deny that we require help, and often we end up pushing ourselves too hard in our reluctance to change.

Here are some signs that you may be in need of spiritual healing:

Your life is suddenly like a rollercoaster!

Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being all seem to be failing at the same time.
Have you ever experienced something similar?

When everything seems to be going wrong at once, it can be the universe nudging you to change your course and put more attention on yourself.
This could essentially lead to a crisis of spiritual awakening or healing.
This may occasionally even appear as a little mishap to force you to change course.
This will frequently reveal things that you have not wanted to see!

You have a sudden strong interest in spiritual topics.  

Are you suddenly four or five hours deep into a deep metaphysical hole? Do you feel compelled to dive headfirst into astrology, Reiki, or the Akashic records? Don't dismiss this nudge! This is frequently intended to guide you in the direction of your soul's desire to explore.

You notice yourself examining your patterns… and wanting to change them!

Are you finally feeling a strong desire to let go of some of the negative patterns that have kept you stuck, trapped, or bound? When you begin to ask questions about your patterning, such as "Why am I suddenly drinking so much?" or "Why am I always procrastinating?" this can be a warning sign. A sign that you're about to unravel and finally let go of the destructive actions that have been holding you back.

Your intuition is increasing, and so are the synchronicities.  

Suddenly seeing signs everywhere? Is your intuition alarmingly on point? This may be  an indicator that your intuition is wanting to help you see which path to take to help you heal. For instance, keep finding rocks shaped like hearts? You may need to do some heart chakra healing! Keep getting whiffs of rose? You may need to tap into your divine feminine!

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