Timelines Explained in The Octopus Methodology™

I woke up at 3:00 AM in a cold sweat mid-August 2018 thinking “Holy Crap”, if time isn't linear and everything is happening all at once, have I been B.S.ing my clients with what I have been seeing in their Akashic Records? Worse still was the second thought that hit me: “Am I going mad? Has all the information I received from the Records all been in my mind?”
As you can imagine, as a frequent visitor to the Akashic Records I spend a lot of time in the past and, sometimes, the future. The Akashic Records, or the Spiritual Google as I like to refer to it, are as vast and as wide as the cosmos. My understanding is that past, present, and future, (as they relate to this lifetime) are all happening at once. Like a movie on DVD has a beginning, middle, and end, so too are the different aspects of this incarnation.
I was doing some work with my friend David Khan on discovering and working with parallel lives based on the work of E. J. Gold. I had also done some research on Dolores Cannon’s theories on this subject and found them quite interesting. The parallel timelines, realities, and realms added another dimension to the work I do within the Akashic Records.
Understanding that past lives are happening at the same time as parallel lives, and at the same time as this incarnation’s past, present, and future, absolutely blew my mind. What I have come to realize is that there is no past, present, or future. They are really all parallel lives happening at the same time. It is no wonder that I woke up in a cold sweat in the wee hours of the morning!
What makes this easier for me (and perhaps for you as well) is comparing it to Netflix. Just like when you choose your favorite show to watch, the entire series is available at once. If you chose, you could watch any series in any order.
Last summer, Egypt started coming up for me over and over again in my meditations and during client sessions. I was even getting Facebook requests from Egyptian tour guides! I remember remarking about this on my account and my friend Ken McDonnall suggested I attend David Montgomery’s Language of Light meditation. (It had an Egyptian pyramid theme.) Having not resonated with any of the Language Of Light experiences I had before, I dismissed it. But Egypt kept coming up and Ken kept saying that I should attend this meditation. I decided to open my mind and try it.
So on September 2, 2018, I joined my fellow practitioners, students, and friends for the meditation. David did a brief introduction to the Language of Light. We then rearranged our seats to sit in a circle and started the meditation. It was incredible, and reconnected me with the Egyptian energy I so needed. At one point in the meditation I actually went off on a tangent and found myself in space among the stars. I made my way to what looked like a wormhole made of light. I then saw myself in this lifetime, in a bubble connected to an energetic “tentacle”. As I followed the tentacle I could see other tentacles with bubbles at their ends. Within those bubbles were what I knew to be other lives that I was living. As I continued following the tentacle, I arrived at its source, the “head”. I could feel all the different energetic aspects of my being at the end of these tentacles. I could feel them having different experiences, growing in different ways, in different timelines and realities. Boom! Mind not blown anymore! It helped me to visually see how time and parallels work. It also helped me to realize that not 100% of our soul is connected to this physical body. It’s just an aspect of our soul that has divided into many to have multiple experiences at the same time.
The only way I could explain it was to relate it to an octopus. The head of the octopus knows, feels, and gathers information from all tentacles at the same time. The tentacles are comparable to each lifetime we are experiencing; the suckers on each tentacle are the fragments or parallel offshoots to that specific life. If one of the octopus’ tentacles is severed, it will continue to function as best it can while it regrows and replaces that aspect of itself. This represents reincarnation in that we do the same thing as we live and transition. We mould ourselves, change shape, colour, and size to fit the situations and environments we are in. We are always curious to see, learn, and discover what is out there - like an octopus!
I realized that the octopus analogy is incredibly versatile and I have used it as a template in my Akashic Business Alignment mentorship program. I've even combined it with Feng Shui! In this case, the tentacles don't represent parallel lives, but different aspects of who we are in this life.
Last fall I mentored Kelly Ann Vass on Business Alignment through the Akashic Records. During our work, the Octopus Methodology was revealed as a practical guide to Feng Shui your business and your life for growth and sustainability. The results of this approach proved effective: we HUGELY increased Kelly’s revenue and impact!
Kelly and I will be guiding other participants through the version of Business Alignment I took her through. It is a versatile template, and is not limited to business: it can also be effective for major personal projects. We are offering this method to you every Monday evening for 12 weeks starting June 3, 2019 from 7:30-9:30pm. This investment in yourself and your business is just $999.00 CDN (plus GST) and will be delivered online via Zoom. We are excited to introduce you to the Octopus Methodology with the intention that it serves you as much as it has us!

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