1O Reasons to Tap into Your Inner Child TODAY!

How many of you have children or have access to children on a daily basis? If you do, you realize that children are absolutely magnificent in their being.  As adults, we often feel so far removed from our inner child and their natural inner state of happiness. Tapping into your inner child can be just the missing ticket for you in terms of experiencing joy and bliss. 

Get creative!

Use your imagination. Dream, fantasize. So many times creativity has been suppressed because we are worried about other people and their judgement of us. We tend to not express ourselves because we are scared of judgement from others. When was the last time you danced in public for no reason and didn’t care about what other people were thinking? When was the last time you painted just for the joy of painting? 


I notice this with my own children. They are so quick to forgive and so ready to forget. When did that change for you? This is the correct attitude to have. As adults, we tend to hold grudges and hold onto things for years and years and years. It starts to truly affect our psychology. Time to forgive and forget and move on. Remember that we forgive to free ourselves not necessarily to absolve the other person of blame. We forgive for US, not for the other person. 


This goes hand in hand with the message above. We need to forget so we can move forward with our lives in a state of peace. 

Get curious!

Don’t forget to ask WHY. Why is this happening like this? Stop thinking of things in such a linear way. See what is actually happening. Be curious. Explore. A lot of the information we receive every day can be confusing and sometimes not even true. When things don't resonate, ask why! If you don’t get the answer that you want… look for it in yourself. You might find that you held the key all along. 

Follow your joy.

HAVE FUN! When was the last time you had fun? Turn everything into a game – especially those things you don’t want to do! What resists PERSISTS until the lesson is learned. If we look at the Akashic Records, you’ve chosen that obstacle so you can learn and grow from it. Stop avoiding it. It will continue to show up in every aspect of your life until you deal with it! Choose those things that are not bringing you joy and turn it into a game... even if the end goal is to just get rid of it. Turn that obstacle into something fun to do. Change your perspective and look at things from a different point of view.

See things without judgement!

This is massive. When you point a finger at somebody else, you have three fingers pointing back at you. You have to do three times the work to overcome that because when you are judging someone else, it is really about yourself. They have mirrored something within you that needs to be looked at. Drop the judgement. We all have our baggage. Nobody is anyone to judge anyone else because our soul’s blueprints are all uniquely different. We don’t know what has been endured! Remember that people are are going to judge you whether you do or you don't!

Shine your light, baby. 

Kids are absolutely confident! They might fail but they continue to try again. Think of when they are learning to walk – they always fall but do they give up? No! They continue to try. Failure is not an option. They WILL walk. They will create flow. Everything is overcomeable! Absolutely have confidence to fail and have confidence to succeed as well because this is equally important. 

Do things 100%.

Kids do things 100%! When a kid is angry, they’re angry 100%. When they are sad they’re crying, when they are laughing they are 100% laughing.. Do everything that you do at 100% capacity. It’s a waste of bloody time if you don’t give it your all!

Trust that you are safe and protected.

Children have the utmost sense of trust and faith that things will happen in a way that is good for them. They don’t worry about whether there will be food on the table. They trust. What would your life look like if you trusted the bigger picture? How would your light expand? Trust that there is something bigger than you wanting to unfold. 

Be unconditionally happy!

Children are unconditionally happy. Children choose to be happy and happiness is a choice. Far too often we make the responsibility of our own happiness someone else's problem. But its up to US to take responsibility for how we react and how we can work through our feelings and emotions. We can choose to be happy. Just as children are. That is their natural state!

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