A Message From The Akashic Records for March 2022

Dear light workers,

What is a light worker?  We refer to light workers as anyone that anchors light onto this planet. Today we ask you to hold fast. To take time every day to check in. Check into your self. Do a scan of your mental, emotional and physical bodies, and then ask each aspect of yourself what do you need today? We need to support ourselves on a multi dimensional level as we are multi dimensional beings.  

The planet is shifting and we along with it. Our systems are shifting to support the expansion and the ascension of the collective consciousness. As those around us are awakening, those that are already awake are also going through a more expansive awakening and getting to know themselves on a deeper level. Our nervous system‘s are calibrating to the energetic changes of the frequencies that we are aligned with. Some of you may be feeling tired and some of you have had past traumas and suppressed emotions resurface. We suggest that you rest when you feel tired. Sometimes slowing down helps us to speed up. The need for integration is of utmost importance. Feel your emotions 100% and then release them. These emotions are surfacing from unresolved traumas still being carried by the memory embedded in our cells. Today, we ask you to become very observant of self, to go within. It is time to start learning that putting on our oxygen masks first puts us in a better position to help others.

As we are shifting and changing remember to allow for the integration of the changes that we are going through, allowing time to recover completely is imperitive to be of service to others from overflow.

We are always with you supporting you. Love yourself first and the rest will follow.

Love and light



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