An Interview with Natasha Mott

Today we are so excited to interview Natasha Mott. Natasha is the creator of Raising the Vibes Metaphysical Academy of Consciousness. Join us as learn a little bit about Natasha, her journey and what makes her really excited. 

Tell me a little bit about your spiritual journey? What got you to this point?

Natasha: I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. I was born into a family of 5th generation spiritualty and spiritual teachers. My grandfather had this underground school and worked with spirit in many different ways. I grew up in this family where it was all welcomed and encouraged and expanded on. 

I never thought I could make a living doing this and helping others with my spirituality. My first job was working for working for an import-export company, where we did a lot of exports and it was quite technical at that sense. My dream was to travel. I have such a curiosity for culture and belief systems. I always knew that what people believed in determined their behaviors and determined their actions and reactions to certain things.

I ended up in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is very interesting because they burned more witches in Edinburgh than anywhere else in Europe. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I ended up there. I was very much into a corporate career and then I met my husband is who Canadian.

When I travelled to Canada, I almost hit the snooze button to my spirituality. I felt very naked because the UK has so much history and there I felt so open and so natural. I’d walk into a house to view it to rent and I would see a ghost sitting at a table or I’d be coming home and I would pick up a attachment and then I’d be like – oh wait a minute, how do I deal with this. It was a little bit scary in that sense. I call it hitting the snooze button. When we snooze, we’re not really completely asleep and we’re not really completely awake. Plus I was 21 -  I didn’t really want a consciousness in a sense!

I ended up meeting a Canadian, got married, had some children. That was really the reawakening process. I started getting visions after my first child and again after the second child we decided to move to Calgary. When I moved to Calgary, I didn’t realize that we have the Archangel Michael portal in Lake Louise and we have the lay lines that run through Calgary. I started to re-awaken after the decade of the snooze a lot of things started coming out. I had a hard time finding work. I ended up in a really difficult situation – the first type of workplace bullying. I needed that. What happened was I got thrown into this place of needing to clear my chakras. I reverted back to my spirituality. I was ready to awaken again and create positive movement.  I started doing a lot of YouTube guided meditations and I used to do hands on healing. It was reiki. So off I went and I did my Reiki Master at MRU. I was so impressed and surprised that the university offered that.

I felt like I needed something more. I got introduced to cranio-sacral therapy, which helped as well. At the same time, this strange course landed in my lap called The Akashic Records. This really helped me to collect to my intuition and the muscle memory came back on again. That weekend was very profound in the sense of healing but also in the sense of activating my intuition. All of a sudden I was like – I’m ready to have my intuition back and my guides told me that if I wanted it back I was going to have to work for it! And that’s what I did for maybe 2 or 3 years. I jumped into that self-healing journey and into this development journey. I feel like the two work very much hand in hand. That’s why you’ll see in any of my courses there’s the healing but there’s the theory aspect in the courses as well so you can help yourself and then help others. The courses are structured in that way which I found very beneficial.

Fast forward, I was really working that muscle and I thought I need to share this with people. Everyone should have access to their intuition and to the spiritual tools that are available to them because it’s empowering. We all have it within us. It’s all very suppressed or hidden or blocked for whatever reason it is. That’s how Raising the Vibes Academy of Consciousness really was birthed – the whole reason was to really bring those tools to people. I see it information of what we already know. It’s always about activating the knowledge that is within my students and that was one of my main journeys."

What kind of people are attracted to Raising the Vibes? 

Natasha: "Either people that are first starting out or people that are well into their journey or their awakening or curiosity into the spiritual side. They’ve started to look at questions like who am I and why am I here? The other aspect is actually understanding that we are empaths. How do we deal with what’s going on? I remember my brother and I, when we were little, we used to always check in with each other and we would talk about what its like to see, to feel and to hear. It can be quite scary to see. It was much easier to see than it was to feel. I was just always feeling like there was something there.

Now I see the 50 shades of spirituality so I’m a little bit more comfortable but it’s really about understanding how do I understand information and how do I work. That’s how I feel like I can help people in all aspects of our journey. Working within the Akashic has helped me push the boundaries and the knowledge of spirituality. There’s a spectrum of different types of people. There are people who are looking for a safe community where they can express what they’re going through in a safe space where you aren’t made to feel like a freak. Those who are wanting to develop our spiritual abilities. I always try to look at the logical and scientific type of things because spirituality and logic all go hand in hand."

How did you decide what courses to create for RTV?

Natasha: "I have a client of mine and she has been instrumental with the course content. I did a couple of Akashic sessions for this lady down in the states and she told me that I really needed to teach Akashic Records. I was like... me? She told me once, she told me twice that I should teach. I started to think about it and I started to create the course curriculum. The same lady a couple of years later said to me that it she was creating a program and she was wondering if I could create a video series on Ancestral healing in the Akashic Records. It was to do with intergenerational trauma because she deals with a lot of PTSD and all sorts of stuff like that. 

We started to do that course and then by the end of the summer I decided to record all of the knowledge that I had. By the end of the summer I had 26 different courses from the Akashic Records to Reiki to oracle card reading to tea leaf reading to astral projection and astral travel. It was in a sense of allowing. I remember doing a meditation at Lake Louise. I saw 4 massive guides and I sat in a space of receiving. They were like… that was great but you’re not done yet. Now we have started to refine the courses and bring them up to date to where spirituality is now. That’s how The Academy of Consciousness was birthed!"

What inspires you the most?

Natasha: "The work. I really enjoy teaching. It expands me. I enjoy discovering new things and I enjoy helping people to discover their own gifts and their own talents. To use their spirituality and their intuition their way. To release the whole cookie cutter: “this is what it looks like” aspect of it and to build confidence within their abilities. That is what really excites me and it excites me seeing the world through a new perspective. I get super charged with sharing knowledge. For those who have done courses with me, you’ll know that I won’t hold back on anything that I know whether it’s part of the course or not.

Looking at it from a different perspective, as I teach I grow as well because the questions that are asked expand me. A lot of time I’m channeling the answers so I learn at the same time as well. It’s really about bringing joy and helping people really get to know themselves better. Out of all the modalities I’ve done, it’s really about the journey to getting to know ourselves better. I enjoy that so much."

If you could magic one thing off of the planet, what would you choose to magic away?

Natasha: "Oh, that’s such an interesting question! I would magic away limitations. Limiting beliefs. I think that’s what I would do."

What are your favorite books or podcasts?

Natasha: "The first book that made an impact as I was going through that healing process has always been Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispsenza. The other one was The Wisdom of your Cells by Bruce Lipton. Those two books were a good turning point for me. I started reading The Convoluted Universe of Dolores Cannon. She’s so wonderful! She actually reminds me of my grandmother so it’s quite incredible. I always have quite a few books that I’m reading at the same time. I read a lot of Brendon Burchard books because I like his philosophy. Whatever I can get my hands on – I also do a lot of Audible because of time constraints."

What is your favorite way to raise your vibes?

Natasha: "I start right from the get go. When I wake up in the morning, I have this habit of saying to myself - today is the day for magic and miracles. Today is the day for connection. Today is the day for exploration. That’s how I start that off.

I love to be in nature! Whether it’s up a mountain, or near the sea, I like to collect with nature. It really raises my vibration. I love music as well. I love the Akashics records. I love to go into them via meditation. That tends to raise the vibration as well. Doing the work is also important. Whenever I find something that triggers me, it’s like – okay, what is it that? I love travelling."

Want to book an appointment with Natasha Mott? You can do so here. You can also explore the metaphysical programs and live trainings offered at Raising the Vibes. Raising the Vibes also offers a community of anyone who is curious and enthusiastic about developing their own spirituality and expanding their consciousness. Join the Conscious Community today!



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