How to Harness Full Moon Energy 🌝

Ahhh, the full moon. This potent energy comes up every month for us to work with. The moon and her cycles has long been crucial for humans. Even today, police and firefighters have a manual on dealing with full moon energy. Crazy, right?

We can all acknowledge that sometimes full moons can leave us feeling a little antsy or ready to take action. Still, questions remain. What do you do during the full moon? How can you tap into this energy?

Release, Release, Release! 

The full moon is a great time to release (with gratitude) all that which is holding you back. You can write down a list of what you need to do and burn it in a fire. You can join the Conscious Community where each month we do a full moon clearing to release and align with our highest purpose.

Take a moon bath.

Create a beautiful and sacred ritual for yourself on the full moon. You can use herbs, pressed flowers and milk to make it a true luxurious experience. The full moon can help truly awaken our psyches so you can take a bath with that specific intention. Honour yourself and bathe in the moonlight! Bonus tip if you have a natural source of water like a lake or a river you can dip in.

Cleanse your crystals & magical tools! 

One of the best ways to tap into the energy of the full moon is to set your tools out for a good moon bath themselves! Leaving your tools outside where the moonlight can cover them is another excellent way to utilize full moon energy. This is a great monthly ritual to incorporate and will let you have a moment of gratitude for the tools you work with.

Get a reiki or spiritual session!

When the moon is at the fullest, you can expect a lot of illumination. This makes it an excellent time to get to the root of what is truly holding you back. Consider booking a session or doing any type of releasing work like acupuncture, a floatation tank or a yoga nidra class.

Honour your emotions!

The full moon CAN peak your emotions. I’m sure you’ve noticed this time and time again. Instead of pushing against this energy, what if we used it for our benefit? You can try one of our YouTube akashic meditations OR work with writing a list to identify what your emotions are and what corresponding need is not being met. Do this with compassion and non-judgement.

Fun full moon facts.

-Subjects monitored during a full moon reported getting less deep sleep! No surprise, right?

-An old wives tale talks about getting a hair cut near the full moon. This is to help your hair grow. Say hello to shiny and luscious locks!

-Sea turtles lay their eggs with the cycles of the full moon. They have this timed down to the exact hour. 

-Dogs have a 28% higher chance of being admitted to the ER during a full moon! Weird but true. Guard your furry friends during this time!

-Plants can grow better. Though there’s no definitive research, farmers and amateur planters alike have noticed their plants growing better if planted during a full moon.

What’s your favourite full moon ritual? I’d love to hear it! Want a safe space to expand your spiritual awareness? Join the Conscious Community today! You can also book a one-on-one session with me here.


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