A Lightworkers Guide to Travel

Are you getting ready to do some major travelling? Some of us are about to hop on a plane for the first time in days, months or even years. This comes with a whole host of energetic shifts - from excitement, to fear, to a bit of confusion and panic. This is an especially charged time for us sensitives! If you're nervous about an upcoming trip, don't worry! I have some tips and tricks to help make your travels as smooth as possible. 


Before you head out on a trip, make sure that you are visualizing the travelling process from start to finish. This will help your trip flow. Whenever you visualize, make sure that you are trying to stay in the highest possible timeline of what can happen. Hold steady in that vision. Your thoughts create your reality, so why not use those powerful thoughts for good? 


I see protection like sunblock, I don’t leave home without it! Assign a talisman that you personally use for protection and carry it with you while on planes, trains and automobiles. 


Clearing is a big thing you can incorporate to help you. This can take many forms. I personally like to Fire Cleanse. I find this a very powerful thing you can incorporate to help clear out energetically what can happen or will happen. I went through and cleared everyone in my family and this really helped clear the trip from the get go. This is a great way to create a safe passage. You can clear the travelers as well as those left behind and the places as well. Remember, cleanses are about intention and visualization. We create the world based on the thoughts that we have and fueled by emotions. 

Speak to the the higher self of others

Get into a meditative steak and call forth and speak to everyone’s higher self you will encounter on your travelling journey to have them allow you smooth passage. This helps get everyone's higher selves on board before you even encounter these individuals in person. Pretty cool hey? Hold a little counsel of The Higher Selves and tell them that you mean no harm, you're just ready to explore baby! 

Up your immune system

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium can help you ensure that your trip is healthy and keen. Quercetin is another one I like to incorporate. Remember for specific health advice, always consult a healthcare practitioner you trust. 

Dab Essential Oils Inside Your Masks

Eucalyptus is a great one for respiratory diseases and also helps to clear any blockages in the nasal passages and any congestion that might be bothering you. Campor, a common component of Vicks Vapor Rub, is also a great one to add. Remember, moderation is the key for this! 

Wear a Copper Band

Copper bands are amazing. They have a lot of health benefits to them! Firstly, they help to conducts electrical impulses and as such is excellent for quick energy shifting. Copper is a natural mineral we have within our bodies. Copper helps maintain our nerve cells and supports our immune system. It is also a conductor so it helps us to shift through things pretty quickly. In a general woo-woo sense it wards off negative energy so it's an all-together great thing to have in your toolkit. 

Incorporate Earth Gems

Stones are easy and small enough to pack with you on your journey. There are a few stones I love to work with. The first one is Larvikite. Larvikite is a Norwegian stone and can sort of be considered the Scandinavian form of labradorite. Larvikite helps to keep clean of energy leaks and brings understanding to help achieve destiny this lifetime. Black tourmaline is another great one to use as it is a natural protector. It repels and protects against negativity. It helps against excess amounts of radiation and helps increase physical vitality.

I hope these tips helped! I've shared these tips and much more with the Conscious Community. The Conscious Community is a great group of people who are all on a spiritual journey. Members of this community enjoy multiple events from live Q&A's to development sessions and interviews with spiritual experts each month. Join us today.


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