An Interview with Stephanie Nelson

We are so excited to welcome Stepanie Nelson to our team. She is getting ready to teach her first course, Akashic Foundations: The Power Initiation July 17th and 18th 2021. Join her today!

Tell me a little bit about your journey and what got you to this point?

"It started about 27 years ago, I had my daughter and I had some really big health issues. That started my intellectual exploration of alternative modalities because it was actually a Chiropractor who helped me out first. I took quite a few years to reclaim my health. It wasn’t anything that the medical community did wrong, they just didn’t have the answers for what was presenting. It was a great catalyst for me to begin my active conscious journey.  My background was in healthcare. I was a nurse and I taught nursing and I always had great relationships with patients and I realize how with hindsight and all the knowledge I had now that I was reading everyone. I was reading what was going on. It’s made for an interesting journey. 

What [this] allows me is it allows me the chance to have integrated inside of myself, in my own model of reality and that’s what we need to do for each one of us. That’s my philosophy. So I can hold knowledge, hold up a model, I can help people tweak what they’re looking for and open worlds for them but ultimately they have to create their own model of reality that works for them. And it will change every day as they integrate new pieces of knowledge. I know I’ll be done here when I stopped learning.

Everything I’ve learned is complimentary. I can make it fit. There’s so much research coming out every year that is new and cutting edge and really supports that we are mind/body/spirit and emotions. What’s fascinating for me right now is consciousness is creeping in everywhere. Mindfulness is a hot ticket item in some medical programs. As we are expanding we are changing the way we look at things through the lens of science and sometimes through the lens of spirituality. You have to be willing to be in flow rather than a fixed station."

How did you find the Akashic Records fitting into all that you do?

"Getting back to that whole medical model, mine just keeps collapsing. It’s not even that it’s layers anymore, it’s a singular unit that is integrated and is very elegant. The more you can let go of that illusion of separation and that everything is discrete and separate, the more bang for your buck you get. This applies to whatever modality you choose, whether it’s medicine and it’s mind and body and integrating that or whether it’s adding an energy modality like Reiki, or maybe you add the records in. Apparently I’ve always been channeling and I knew that, I just wasn’t always comfortable with the language and formally acknowledging and integrating. It creates some really great synergies and it helps to allow elegance to show up."

What inspired you to teach the Akashic Records?

"Working in the records works well for me. More and more I’m finding that I go into the records and I’m doing everything in them. Does it mean that the person when it’s done it’s a done deal? No. Usually you have to make changes in your life. That’s when people go to alternative practitioners because the energy has shifted. If you’re not going to change anything about how you’re living your life on all levels – mind body, spirit, nothing is going to change and you’re going to be back to square one. Often times just that little tipping point is enough to propel people for a different way, they just needed someone to walk with them for a certain time. I’m just there to help guide them and create a little space by releasing that constriction in whatever area we are looking at."

So how did you find going through the few different modules?

"I’m really grateful that we got connected in the past year. A lot of it was really familiar but what it did was it just tied off so many loose ends in some way and gave me a lot more language around it. It really called me out. What I really loved about the way you delivered the content was the embodiment you have created. It was an experiential journey. It was a healing journey. There was so much expansion and space held for that. You’re not just delivering knowledge, your delivering so many possibilities for people to step into themselves through that experimental process. You teach in a way where everything makes so much sense to me. It was great to find you and to find a community that you land with as well. You know, a lot of the conversations are happening but there’s also that otherings – it’s an us and them.

It’s always when somebody out arrives it brings another vibration. They attune the whole work not because they have the answers but because they are asking the questions. It’s being open to anything but doing it with integrity. That’s where you’re going forth with good intentions. You’re very aware of your responsibility. It’s not that we have “power” (we all have power on the planet) but there is with that awareness and that ability to connect and engage there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it."

What inspires you?

"Energy and people. That’s probably what keeps me going because it’s my curiosity. I’m sure I’ve been a cat so many times. I’m always looking. I do recognize in myself that I have this big capacity for caring and wanting to fix things. Some of that I’ve brought through and some of that is from my earlier life from when I was younger. I know there’s an easier way for us to move through things and that’s becoming more and more and evident. The things that have really gotten in way is my own resistance, my own dragging my own feet. All of those lessons come again and again until you’ve finally decided to live the experience you’ve signed up for. What I’m really finding for myself and in conversation with others is that a lot of the pain and the suffering we create is in the resistance, not in the stuff that happens.

There are some really hard things that we have to navigate as humans here on the planet and sometimes we compound the suffering that goes on with it by our resistance to embodying and experiencing the whole process and seeing where it leaves us."

If you could magic one thing off the planet what would it be?

"The pandemic right now. A lot of things just flew through my minds and I was like – no, because you get a lot of lessons from that. If I could wave my wand, I would have us all grounded and connected to nature. I think that is one of the biggest things that would create a massive shift. We wouldn’t be degrading our environment or each other. We’d understand a little bit more about inclusivity and equality and there wouldn’t be the disparity or power dynamics. I think if we could be connected to the land, I think greed and a lot of illusions would dissolve and I think it’s because we would be more in flow and embodied and bringing in all of those awareness."

What books are you reading at the moment? What podcasts are you listening to?

"Oh man, there’s a lot of books. I’m really working with the breath, I think its Nester that wrote it. It’s on breathwork and how we don’t breathe correctly as a species right now. That one is more of the physiology. I love Naseem Hairman and the Resonance Organization, he’s the theoretical physicist that kind of talks about consciousness in theoretical physics, so I love him. I picked up "The Pleiadian Initiation" because there are a few things that I had to reread. And that’s the thing, on the journey it’s not that you learn something and you’re done with – there are levels of integration and so that’s why I don’t question myself or anything like that. There’s always a mash up of everything. There’s cooking – everything from aromatherapy or homeopathy to the presence process. A little bit of Buddhist stuff going on. There’s science and mysticism and a lot of energy modalities and I do read a lot of psychotherapy books and stuff like that just because it helps people understand that as much as we can do work in the records, sometimes you need to work with a Therapist because you have to unpack it."

What are your favorite ways to Raise your Vibration?

"My best way is to be outside. Right now where I live there are thousands and thousands of cedar trees and to me that’s amazing medicine, it’s the energy of transmutation. I’ll go out on a trail or in the neighborhoods touching the trees and speaking into them. Going to sit near the water is great. I love the interplay of the water and the reflective light. It does something so restorative inside of me and you breathe differently. You just breathe differently. It’s about inviting flow. And breathwork. Every day. Even if it’s not a huge practice, you just need to engage in it. You need to land for a few minutes deeply. There’s a residual effect and you ground deeper. I think the biggest thing people need to do is check in with themselves. People are so pulled externally. It’s those conversations you have with yourself. You allow space for yourself to be witnessed even if it’s to yourself. We default so much to the world outside of us and yet all of the answers and all of the gateways are inside. It’s sourced from within. We aren’t just this, we are connected to all."

Want to know more about Stephanie Nelson? You can read her full teacher biography here. To book a private session with Stephanie, please email [email protected]


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