Common Side Effects of Spiritual Clearing and Healing

I've created quite a few reiki/akashic healing sessions lately that I’ve posted on YouTube and people who have been doing them over 3-7 days have started to notice big shifts within their bodies.

Today we are going to talk about what is NORMAL and what is EXPECTED, because if you are starting out on this journey it might be a little bit scary and it might deter you from continuing on with your healing.

Here are a few ways your healing can present itself.

Better Out Than In!

Sometimes you might get nauseous and actually want to vomit. This is a very common way of clearing. My suggestion is to try to release if you can, allow it to leave your body with grace and love. Sometimes a release can happen in any area of your body.

You might also find that you have diarrhea or you feel you need to go to the washroom quite often. Whatever it may be, allow it to release. This is definitely a case where it’s definitely better out than in!  Don't forget to drink plenty of water to help with the flushing as well.  

This is applicable not just with work for me, but is also applicable for whenever you do a healing & clearing with other practitioners as well. Water is an amazing way of flushing out your system and detoxing. 

Headaches, Headaches, Headaches!

This is all part of the clearing and the healing. Some people can get headaches and typically that is due to neuropathways being formed and shifted. This is very common. Again, water help the headache process quite a bit as well!

Goodbye to the Old!

On a different sense, even though this work can be quite subtle, sometimes people will start to kind of fall away from you because the point of attraction isn't the same. We are always attracting towards us the people, the places and the opportunities or circumstances that are in alignment with our vibration.

As you go through a clearing and a healing, you shift the vibration. Sometimes people who aren’t in alignment with the newer and healthier version of you simply fall away. This is because the vibration might not no attract those from the past, instead acting as a sort of repellent.

Remember that everyone has their own unique journey. Be gentle with yourself! Heavy self judgement doesn't help anyone. 

Welcoming the New.

Not only do you lose people but you start to attract new people who are of a similar vibration and will help to prepare you further on your journey. It’s important to not have any kind of attachment to what is happening.

In the Octopus Method, Kelly Ann and I talk about 1/3 leaving, 1/3 staying and 1/3 coming and typically this is applicable to all areas of your life. So, things might get ripped away from you (or so it will seem) but that's actually part of the process. Have a look at having the perspective that everything is happening FOR you, not to you. That can really shift some of the anxiety or anger at having these symptoms.

 Ask yourself: 

  • What is this bringing to me?
  • How is this happening for me?

Also with people leaving, sometimes people from the past can resurface. Sometimes when there is a disconnect and we disconnect cords, tethers and attachments from unhealthy relationships that person may feel that detachment and try to come back in. That happens very often.

Rest & Sleep, Baby!

Another way you can tell is the heavy need to sleep. A lot of times people will get very, very tired so take extra care to listen to your body. Whatever nourishment it needs – sometimes we needs sleep or self care. This can become very very important after a big clearing. 

Discharge? Yes, that's a sign too!

Sometimes we can get other discharge such as a runny nose, phlegm or blood  clots. This can be alarming so always check with your medical doctor if you feel stressed or concerned. It's important to trust the process of your body as well. Sometimes the innate knowledge it has in releasing and clearing on it's own can be a freeing experience if we learn to embrace it instead of fear it. 

Laugh it out!

They say laughter is the best medicine and that certainly applies here! If you feel like you need a laughing break or if you feel the giggles coming up, just allow them. This can be a potent way to clear, align and cleanse. 

Spiritual cleansing and clearing isn't easy but it is necessary on the spiritual journey of expansion. Ready to clear and align? Book your personal reiki session in with me today. You can also take your healing into your own hands but by learning reiki today with our self paced courses.


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