10 Common Symptoms of Ascension

What is ascension?  Ascension happens when you’re starting to awaken and expand. This happens when we begin to ask the big questions: looking within the universe, the cosmos and how we all fit into that. Sometimes when we shift our consciousness so rapidly there are physical symptoms that we go through. In that way, our spiritual expansion can often be echoed within our physical bodies as well. 

Flu-Like Symptoms

Sinuses running. Eyes watery. Coughing or  sneezing. These all function as a way of detoxing the body. This ascension symptom is common when we are releasing old patterns and bringing in new ones. How do we know if it’s a spiritual flu or a real flu? I always like to look at the lack of fever. If you are feeling generally unwell without any external reasons for it, this can typically be a sign that maybe you are going through an ascension process. 


Sometimes the ascension process can leave you with sleepless nights. Another sign can be that even when we sleeping through the night we still wake up tired. We can feel exhausted because our DNA is being shifted and changed to be able to hold more light. You may need additional time to integrate. It’s very important to listen to your body and actually take that time to rest and do what your body needs.

Waking up between 2-4 am

Waking up between 2-4 am can come up when we are working to download ancient knowledge, wisdom or information. Sometimes we can be left with a feeling as though we have been doing a lot of work while sleeping. The waking up between 2-4 am is because it is a time where your mind and ego isn’t in the way. If this is starting to bother you, you can tell your guides that you need at least x-amount of sleep per day because you need to be able to function in the 3D world! Another tip I have is to keep a journal next to your bed to jot down any insight you may receive.


Your brain is starting to create new neural pathways so you tend to have headaches for no  good reason. Make sure to look at the general atmosphere around you to rule out logical reasons for headaches. For instance, if you live in a place where there are chinooks you may want to rule that out first. 

Memory Loss

One of the ways you know you are going through some expansion is when you start to forget a lot of old information that is no longer serving you. You start to use your intuition in place of your memory. Remember that  we are all knowing and we hold all of the information that we need within us. Sometimes, memory loss can actually be a major sign of ascension!

A Change in Diet

A natural change that occurs when we ascend is that our diet might get very structured or regimented. We might not want the same things that we used to want because we are holding higher frequencies of energy. You’ll start seeing that you want to change your diet in one way or another. Usually, we want to  eat lighter so your body doesn’t spend too much time in the digestion process. Sometimes we can create allergy-like symptoms to foods that really aren’t good for us. One tip I have here is to bless your food to help raise the vibrational frequency of your food.


Relationships Will Start to Change

When we begin to ascend we can often have major shifts in our relationships. In the Octopus Method that I’ve coauthored with Kelly Ann Vass, we always say that 1/3 is leaving, 1/3 is staying and 1/3 is coming. This can be a painful for us in the moment but remember that it is a necessary sign of ascension as you prepare to bring new people who are more aligned with your path into your existence. 

Questions Start to Come Up

When you are going through an ascension process, you often start to ask some big questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I living my purpose? Often you will feel like you want to serve on a grander scale. 

Increased self-awareness

You will start to notice when you are triggered, where you are triggered, what upsets you and what bothers you the most. You may become increasingly sensitive to the environments you are in. You may notice you start to observe your old patterns, how they seep into your day to day existence. You will have an increased self awareness with what is going on, what you want, and what you don't want anymore. Remember to perceive these shifts with non-judgement. 

An Increased Urge to Reconnect with Nature

You may want to spend increased time in nature or increased time alone so you can sort through your process. You will want to get back to the basics. You will remember the infinite truth which is that we are one with everything. Nature will work as a barometer to help you tune into yourself. 

Try to give yourself grace as you go through these symptoms. It can be a particularly difficult and expansive time, so try to not make it any harder on yourself than it needs to be! If you are looking to expand even more, you can book in for a live training event or explore our other metaphysical programs today.


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