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Why Should you Join the Conscious Community?


This community has been growing rapidly over the last few years. I've been getting lots of questions about this community over the past few years, and I'm so excited for the growing interest! We are going to dive deep into the ins and outs of the community below. 

What is the community all about?

  • We offer spiritual support to those who need it. 
  • It’s a community where it’s safe to expand, to ask questions and to experiment.
  • A safe place to talk about your experiences.

When you are awakening or awakened it can become more and more difficult to find people that you can actually talk to. We all need people we can bounce ideas off. Please don't worry - there is no question too crazy for a group like us!

Who should Join?

This community is well-suited to anyone who has taken my courses either in person or virtually and are looking for additional support. We are really non-judgmental and supportive people and we are always curious about what everyone is...

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10 Common Symptoms of Ascension

What is ascension?  Ascension happens when you’re starting to awaken and expand. This happens when we begin to ask the big questions: looking within the universe, the cosmos and how we all fit into that. Sometimes when we shift our consciousness so rapidly there are physical symptoms that we go through. In that way, our spiritual expansion can often be echoed within our physical bodies as well. 

Flu-Like Symptoms

Sinuses running. Eyes watery. Coughing or  sneezing. These all function as a way of detoxing the body. This ascension symptom is common when we are releasing old patterns and bringing in new ones. How do we know if it’s a spiritual flu or a real flu? I always like to look at the lack of fever. If you are feeling generally unwell without any external reasons for it, this can typically be a sign that maybe you are going through an ascension process. 


Sometimes the ascension process can leave you with sleepless nights....

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3 Cool Things You Need to Know about Reiki!

Have you ever had a reiki session? If so, you know they're incredibly insightful and can help add a lot of peace and clarity to your life. But I bet you didn't know these three cool things about Reiki!

Reiki can be done at a distance and is JUST as effective that way!

Yes, Reiki can be done just as effectively at a distance as in person. In Reiki Level II, we learn special symbols to help others with reiki who are not present with us in the same room, same city, same country or time zone. Remember that reiki is energy and energy literally exists everywhere - this makes distance reiki just as effective as in-person reiki. Sometimes it can be even better as you're not limited by the physical body in front of you. 

You can Send Reiki to Past and Future Events.

Reiki energy can flow easily to past events as well as future events. If you have a situation in the past which has a heavy energetic pull, you can send reiki to the past in order to ease some of that emotional charge. You...

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An Interview with Stephanie Nelson

We are so excited to welcome Stepanie Nelson to our team. She is getting ready to teach her first course, Akashic Foundations: The Power Initiation July 17th and 18th 2021. Join her today!

Tell me a little bit about your journey and what got you to this point?

"It started about 27 years ago, I had my daughter and I had some really big health issues. That started my intellectual exploration of alternative modalities because it was actually a Chiropractor who helped me out first. I took quite a few years to reclaim my health. It wasn’t anything that the medical community did wrong, they just didn’t have the answers for what was presenting. It was a great catalyst for me to begin my active conscious journey.  My background was in healthcare. I was a nurse and I taught nursing and I always had great relationships with patients and I realize how with hindsight and all the knowledge I had now that I was reading everyone. I was reading what was going on. It’s made...

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3 Easy Ways to Connect with your Spirit Team!

akashic records Jun 30, 2021

Forming and nurturing a relationship with your guides is instrumental when it comes to spiritual development. There are numerous ways that we can connect with our guides, but most importantly we need to carve out the time and space to meet with them.

Nourishing this relationship is just like forming any other relationship - founded in reciprocity. Where can you give to your guides so you can receive with an open heart and mind?
First thing we always suggest is scheduling in some time to connect with your guides. Give them (and yourself) a chance to sit in, settle and connect for a few minutes of reflective meditation. Feeling too busy for that? This is exactly why we have created Sunday's with Natasha Mott & the Akashic Records. This subscription gives you access to one meditation, every week, on Sunday. Carve time out of your week to connect with the Akashic Records and yourself. Give yourself the space and time you need to uncover your soul's blueprint and...
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June 2021 Discernment to Zero Point

akashic records Jun 03, 2021
Dear Academy of consciousness members,
This month we want to talk about discernment.  We all have this built in guidance system to observe, evaluate and decide what is important to guide us towards enrichment.   Which leads into, do you think for yourself?   Do you check in and see if those things, that decision, the selected path are all in alignment before saying yes.  The days of 'I didn't know' are no more. There is so much information out there, however, we need to ultimately check in with ourselves and see what resonates within.  What resonates for one person will not resonate with all.  No judgement.
With duality being displayed and highlighted at this time, we wanted to remind you to find the zero point. The place of neutral, the place of everything and nothing, and thus we experience All. We are one with all, as all possibilities exist at all times. When faced with a new reality we need to do what’s in alignment...
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May 2021 The Power of Sound!

akashic records May 02, 2021

A Channeled message from Emmanuel

In the month of May we look at the power and the vibration of sound and its importance. We ask that you take note of the sound of your voice and the sound of your chosen words.  Sounds creates.  It is so powerful - sound created the Universe.  Take a moment to let that sink in. 

You are constantly creating your world with the sounds of our voice and the words that you use. And remember, every sound has its counterpart. Just as sound can create anything, it can also destroy it. You are constantly creating and destroying with vibrational frequency of the words you use.  You can build someone up or cut them down with the frequency and the sound of your words. Pay attention and become conscious when choosing your words. Speak your truth, use your words in a way that you are heard and understood.  Speak your words from a place of love. Remember, sound has no barrier and works its way through any material including the...

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April 2021 Remember Who You Are!

akashic records Apr 01, 2021

A channeled message from the Akashic Records and Natasha Mott’s guide, Emmanuel.

In April we remember who we are!

We have forgotten how infinite we all are and the potential we carry within us.

We think we are hopeless, controlled and suppressed.  When we think limiting beliefs, it becomes the outcome. Our inner world becomes our outer world.  What we think, we create. Let’s start thinking like we are the infinite beings that we are. Let’s start behaving and doing things as if we were infinite.

We come from the stars, and our body is borrowed to us by the earth. We are here temporarily, and it is such a short time.  Every day, passing us by, faster every day, every year.  Though, remember, time is not linear. We can savor and slow down time by simply  being present.  Be present while brushing your teeth, or savoring every bite of food. Linger longer watching the leaves blow in...

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March 2021 message from the Akashic Records

akashic records Mar 01, 2021

A channeled message from the Akashic Records and Natasha Mott’s guide, Emmanuel.

In March we look at adaptability and change.

As you begin to realize that there is no going back, no return to the “normal” you once knew, we ask that you choose change. This is an opportunity to adapt and to create the ideal life you wish to live. Choose change and create a new foundation for life and business. 

Change is inevitable. Nothing stands still and what you resist will persist. The best way to get ahead of this is to choose change. We ask that you let go of all conformity that kept you restricted from truly expressing and expanding yourself.  

Over the last year, you would have experienced changes within your physical bodies and the shifts on a soul level. The ever-changing needs within your businesses or jobs with the demands of the markets, staff, clients and suppliers, as well as your family, friends and relationships have been preparing you to become more...

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February 2021 message from the Akashic Records

akashic records Feb 01, 2021

A channeled message from the Akashic Records and Natasha Mott’s guide, Emmanuel.

Welcome to the month of February. This is the month of love and this year we focus on love for self and making conscious connections. 

Never has humanity been so “tech” connected and so disconnected from yourselves and each other. I am talking about real, meaningful, conscious connections. This is becoming more and more important as you shift into an ascended timeline.

We ask that you create a daily connection practice. Connecting to your body by being in your body and understanding what it needs: improved nutrition, sleep, rest, movement and so on. Slowing down for a moment to connect, become conscious of your thoughts, your words and your actions. Slowing down to integrate the changes and expand your awareness and therefore speeding up the progress of your ascension. 

Create a practice to connect with your higher self. Asking yourself the question, “Who am I as the...

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